7 Free Ways To Boost Your Wifi Speed

Wifi routers are the gadgets you find in every single household. They are fast becoming extremely important nowadays. The way they make it easier to connect to the internet is stupefying. No doubt that internet has been common up till now but with Wifi routers its use increased drastically. But yes using Wi-Fi routers has its own issues. The major one being fall in Wi-Fi signals so much so that browsing is only possible at a tortoise’s pace. But again there are solutions to these problems in form of wifi boosters, You can download wifi booster but wait, there are some other simple and easy techniques too which won’t cost you a penny. Obviously these solutions are not just limited to downloading the Wifi booster.

  •  Upgrading your router’s’ firmware can help a lot in improving your Wifi router’s performance. Firmware is the one which is the reason why your router works the way it always does. Once your router gets old it needs an upgraded version of firmware to be installed in it provided by the manufacturer itself.
  • Secondly, the location of your router plays an important role in determining your router’s performance. Place it wherever there are minimal chances of obstruction or interference
  • Check your router’s network administrator interface. If it offers 5GHz frequency then for it as it is less common amongst other devices and will avoid interference from other users as less users have routers with 5GHz.
  • Also you can always replace your antenna. Or have one other than the built in antenna. It will help quite a lot with signals.
  • Keep a strict check on Wi-Fi thieves. You can do so by checking the users currently connected to the device. Immediately change the security settings of your device then as the number of users increase the performance of your router decreases.
  • Make sure that your router operates on a channel with the least interference from others. For instance your neighbors. Wi-Fi analyzer can you find the best channel in your home.
  •  Move your router away from appliances which cause interference. For instance, cordless phones tend to disrupt your Wi-Fi signals. To avoid this you can buy a dual band router but if your don’t want to spend any money then simply keep it away from interfering appliances.
    Make it a habit to reboot your router every once in awhile. Rebooting it daily will help improve the performance of your Wi-Fi router.

In this rapid shift of the world towards a wireless system, you might find yourself in situations where merely having a strong wifi connection is not enough. Wifi has its own range. The further away you move from it, the stronger the attenuation becomes. This shortcoming of wifi signals can be compensated by the presence of a wifi booster. You attach the device to your router or access point, and experience signals stronger than ever. A powerful WiFi signal amplifier can bring about a threefold increase in the strength of the signals.
Using a bidirectional signal booster will not only amplify signal transmission, but will also strengthen received signals. Working both ways, they manage to pull the strength up by unto six hundred percent.
In addition to that, wifi boosters widen the range of signals so that one single high speed internet connection can be shared over a large area, and do so quite commendably, efficiently. Needless to mention, it also helps cut down costs. If you fear wifi hacking, you can always put a password up to secure your network, and continue sharing the connection with neighbours.

We hope that these techniques are helpful for you. Your convenience and satisfaction is our top priority. Give us a chance to improve by giving us your valuable feedback.

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