Why this strange name?

MyInfopie basically represents two words “My Information” & “Pie”. It means “Information which is irresistible” just like a “Pie” is and hence the name. and MIPBuzz means Myinfopie Buzz which is for blog.

How is this blog going to help me?  OR  What will i get from this blog?

Well, quite honestly you must have thought of it while visiting this blog . As you know today our surrounding world is overflowing with information with such a pace that it is very difficult to keep ourselves constantly updated with it. This blog is the solution to it, be it technology updates or games and more. You, the reader will be provided with all the latest updates and quality information which is difficult to find in one place.

Who are the creators of this blog?

This website is made and powered by Ravikant Makwana. My motto is “Information is free and the more you share, the more you get”. If you have any suggestion or have a problem regarding any content on the site you can contact me through “Contact us” page.


Ravikant Makwana


Name: Ravikant Makwana

Career Position: Computer Science & engineering at BITS EDU campus

I am Founder of MyInfopie and MIPBuzz. I’m Web Developer, SEO Specialist, Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur and Technology Blogger.

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Vishal makwana


Name: Vishal Makwana

Career Position:  Computer engineering at Parul Polytechnic Institute

I am  Co-founder and SEO – SMO expert of MyInfopie, I love writing blog, I’m  automobile and Technology blogger.

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We won India’s Top 5 Startup Entrepreneur award by TATA.

India's Top 5 Entrepreneur Award to Ravikant and Vishal

The goal of this blog is to help people keep in pace with the constantly updating world.