Best Android Launchers 2018 {Best Launcher for Android}

Best Android Launchers 2018 June


These all are Best Android Launchers also hot favourite of June 2017. The launcher for android is an android application which is developed by some other developer to change the look and functionality of smartphone without changing or harming the system. also allows user to customize their smartphone entirely such as changing their desktop grid, icons, icon size, transitions, animations, dock style etc. 

Top Launchers for Android

1. Next Launcher 3D [ 3D launcher ]


The best android launchers 2017 by which you can feel like using 3D world. One of the best and most popular launcher in Android OS is the Nest Launcher 3D. This fabulous launcher is developed by a team which development the software and presented by GO Launcher. This gives the 3D effects, Some design themes that can you change also icons on home screen. Provide you a system through which you can create a folder in the app drawer and much more. This is the best 3d android launcher.

2. Go Launcher

This Best Android Launcher are mostly listed in every sites out there, Go Launcher have so many amazing themes. also provide lots of customization options for free and it is packed with some needed widgets and plugins etc. It’s paid and free both, you can use it in Android version 2.0 or above. Go Launcher is one of the best launcher for android because of themes.

3. Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher have lots of features like Hide Apps, Customizable App, Drawer, Backup/Restore, Infinite Scroll and more. Nova also provide free and prime version. prime version is slightly better performance compare to free version. You can use it in Android version 2.0 or above. Nova Launcher is one of the best launcher for android because of Features.

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4. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher have also lots of features and mostly same features as Nova Launcher. Apex Launcher is easy to use and smooth. also have Stand out feature including tablet mode. In Apex Launcher Pro version fantastic Notified service. It’s Free and paid both, Available on Android version 2.0 or above. 


5. KK Launcher (KitKat Launcher)

KK Launcher is very famous in short time because of it provides latest Android 4.4 KitKat theme in your 4.0 Jelly Bean device.  It was free and paid (KK Launcher Prime) both, Available on Android version 4.0 or above. This launcher is same as KitKat OS that’s why this launcher is the best launcher for android.


6. Launcher 8

This is the sixth most best launchers for android 2017 listed. It provide the cool home UI into a fluid, styles Mock-up UI looking like windows 8 phone. This cool launcher is created by QiHang right now more than 5 million times it downloaded. You feel like using a windows phone. 


7. Google Now

Google’s own Android launcher is standard and unique and also provide free facility to access Google now button for voice controls and window bars. also give you weather information and more functions. Google now is available on Android 4.1, Jelly Bean to 4.4.4.  This is the best android launcher 2017 by Google.


8. SPB shell 3D [3D launcher]

SPB shell is a application which recently launch and become the best android launcher 2017 also best 3D Launcher. You can use this above android 2.1 devices. Approx more than 100,000 people have already downloaded. its provide some cool features like dynamic folders sweet animation and full 3D experience,etc. the  3D best android launcher 2017.

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9. APUS Android launcher

This is the most trending android launchers nowadays. You can see this in play store top list its placed at between 20 to 30 top listed app. We can also say that a smart android launchers at this time. it given a smart folder for app categorization, provides widgets on your home screen. More than 10 million people already downloaded this. 

10. EverythingMe Launcher

Everythingme Android Launcher

The Best Android Launcher on the Market Very intuitive, the features are incredible and the speed and fluidity are astounding. Highly recommended if you are tired of the same old launchers with different names. 

New Launcher for Android

11. Buzz Launcher

Couple of Best Android launcher applications have just as much sheer scope as Buzz Launcher. It’s almost difficult to call it just one launcher because the various ‘home packs’ you will get for this completely alter what it’s prefer to use. Buzz Launcher also listed in our fastest android launchers

Buzz Launcher best android Launcher

Buzz Launcher home screens

Buzz Launcher is shortcut-based, and all these home packs (the same as styles) offers a brand new the perception of the face area of the phone. As they’re based on fairly static designs, they can each be totally, significantly different. The problem is, obviously, that consequently they’re quite prescriptive. If there is a link for Dropbox, for instance, you cannot eliminate that icon, only alter what application it requires you to definitely.

All of them provide you with use of your applications menu, though, so you’ll not be truly lost with one. The way Buzz Launcher works entails you have to spend some time testing out different Homepacks, though. It isn’t a 1-size-fits-all type of solution. 

If you would like an interface that’s something a little different, something which showcases the creative abilities of the individual that managed to get, you’ll find plenty to love in this best Android Launcher (Buzz Launcher).

There’s a feeling, though, that it’s a little restricted to its very own scope. Buzz Launcher is about various appearances, and customization available is at the disposal of the folks making the comeback designs, not the folks with them. You are able to only make quite fundamental changes because the user,for example moving a few of the elements around. And a few Homepacks aren’t really made to let you need to do this either. You will need to look for a Homepack you want to make Buzz Launcher useful. But you will find plenty readily available for free if you want the seem of the dramatic phone facelift launcher. 

Google Play Store

12. Yahoo Aviate Android Launchers

Yahoo Also introduced best android launcher 2017, the primary gist from it is the fact that Aviate develops collections of the applications according to various kinds of activities. You are able to, obviously, tweak individuals collections by hand too, and Aviate Android launcher can provide tips to complete collections (though this is actually just a kind of advertising rather than intelligent suggestions). Aviate understands where you stand and just what time it’s, and delivers relevant collections in custom-built connects known as Spaces so that you can better handle individuals activities. For instance, should you connect your earphones, it provides you quick use of media controls and songs applications. Hit the street, and you will be offered cutting corners to navigation home and to work. It’s a good idea in writing, but let’s wait and watch how it pans out.

yahoo aviate android launchers

The idea behind Aviate is excellent, and they have designed a solid start. For that launcher to become a large success though, it requires ongoing refinement. It might not be the fully easy to customize giant like Nova Launcher or Go Launcher, but the quantity of polish, consistency, and ease useful in Aviate is unequalled. By connecting into popular applications, enhancing the formula for switching between Spaces, and making slight UI changes, Aviate could easily become my daily launcher. Even while it stands, I am prone to ensure that it stays around for some time.

Google Play Store

13. Nokia Z launcher

Nokia’s unique Z Launcher for Android has gotten a large update that finally adds support for desktop icons. Customers may also look for a handy alphabetical application list that puts all their software only a swipe away. For Nokia lovers, Nokia Z launcher is the best launcher for Android because of UI. 

nokia z launcher

If you have a Nexus 5 or perhaps a S3, S4 or S5, skip this task and merely mind right to the Play Store. Otherwise, mind to For whatever reason, you need to register together with your Google account to be able to get hold of the APK. Once you’ve done that, proceed and download it.

Google Play Store

14. Hola Launcher

Hola is really a stylish launcher that reflects neat and stylish UI and That’s the reason for Hola Launcher is the list on best android launchers. It enables you to definitely change font and personalize the feel and look of stock or modified Android Operating System. Functionality featuring Hola launcher could be enhanced further by installing some modules. Take it easy! You do not to locate them. Customers will be advised of recent modules while seeking the characteristics of the launcher.

best android launchers

Hola has excellent reviews and rankings around the Google play store. It’s making money with CPI programs. Thus Hola will recommend an application (display an advert) after certain time. I’ve installed Hola launcher lately now I’ll be discussing its review with you.

Google Play Store

15. Solo Launcher

This is a best android launcher because of its simplicity. When the other Launcher applications here seem a little overdone, you might well jump on well with Solo Launcher. It’s a significantly simpler type of interface changer that does not attempt to redesign Android in the ground-up.

Solo best android Launcher

Rather, you begin with an interface that appears a little just like a fairly regular undertake the Android 4.4 interface, having the ability to apply styles to it to obtain a snazzier look. This feature makes Solo Launcher. The best android launcher. We weren’t too interested in the marginally dated-searching generic Solo Launcher theme. Therefore, we had a little of an explore the styles section to determine what we should find.

You will find some decent ones available, but when you’re searching for that dramatic change or feel for the phone, you will not think it is in Solo Launcher. We discovered that a few of the styles have that slightly cool home-brew vibe.

However, there’s still lots of value within this great little free best android launcher if you are out for any simple, familiar feel.

Google Play Store

16. Line Launcher

Line launcher enables us to boost and customize the looks from the home screen and background of your application drawer like all other best android launchers. But additionally with the aid of this launcher, you are able to create comparatively more personalized atmosphere, to suit the gestures you want and wish in your Android smartphone. For example, you are able to alter the home screen, background, widget/icon of application drawer with only one tap, by selecting various styles available.

best android launchers

As stated above Dodol launcher is a little diverse from many of these other launchers available. You will find a lot of styles readily available for Dodol launcher, which will help transform making your phone yours. Also you will find many improvements inside the application which supports you plenty to operate your device easily. You will find a number of other choices for various areas of the telephone as with the drawer tab, etc.

Google Play Store

17. Smart Launcher 3

Not every Android launcher significantly change how a product is organized, but Smart Launcher 2 certainly does. It can make your primary desktop something which looks much a lot more like a lock screen, with six symbols providing you with accessibility most generally-used applications – the browser, music player, camera and so forth. That’s why smart launcher 3 is smartest android launcher and Best android launcher for smart people.

Smart android Launcher 3

When you initially launch the application, it asks which of those you need to use, obtaining the annoying duplicate applications problem that frequently happens with Android phones. Most importantly, this desktop looks very good too.

The relaxation of the applications will be separated into six groups inside the primary applications menu, which also looks not the same as standard. Smart Launcher is about altering things.

Although Smart Launcher 2 may appear progressive, it makes making use of your Smart phone a little a lot more like using and old feature phone. Everything moving about is flicked away towards, typically, only a single tap with an icon.

As a result, it’ll be a little too reductive for many individuals, but we believe it’s worth looking at for individuals individuals who’re a little frustrated of coping with your phone’s idiosyncrasies. Smart Launcher more-or-less baby wipes them. It ought to also seriously help with phones which are a little laggy, as there’s so a smaller amount fundamental navigation to become done here. You smart enough then you surely understand the smart features of this best Android Launcher.

Google Play Store


18. Themer Launcher

The web is filled with numerous screenshot art galleries with unique and strange homepages. Re-creating the different looks on your own is frequently pointless and complex, specifically for normal customers. Or possibly you just just don’t have the time for you to implement a smart screen on your own smartphone. Well, that’s all going to change using the Themer application: that one-click solution promises easily switching between a variety of designs. I gave it whirl myself!

Themer Launcher best android

Themer originates from the manufacturers from the website and it is presently still in the beta phase. To get into the application, you have to sign up for their waiting list. Once you have managed to get in, you obtain an unlock code via email, that you can use on just one device. The approach that Themer has carried out isn’t entirely new. (take a look at 8 others The best Android launchers bellow).Google Play Store

19. ADW Launcher

best android launchers

ADW Launcher obtainable from Google Play. The launcher easily supplies a link in the Styles page within the ADW Configurations menu. More remarkably, the Styles page provides previews of every theme you’ve placed on your device, in addition to information on if the theme supports symbols, folders, the pier and also the wallpaper. However, the very best feature, undoubtedly, demonstrated is the capability to combine benefits from a number of styles to produce a completely custom look. The truth that most styles have the freedom on ADW Launcher, unlike on micro transaction-heavy launchers for example GO Launcher EX, only agreed to be icing around the cake. (take a look at 7 others The best Android launchers bellow).Google Play Store

Latest launchers of 2017

20. Action Launcher 3

The launcher might be the most crucial application on any Android smartphone – it is the combination of your house screen and also the drawer that holds all of your apps – and Action Launcher is really a favorite among many hardcore Android customers.

best Action Launcher 3

The primary options that come with Action Launcher? Begin with the slide-out application drawer. It’s somewhat similar to the beginning of Home windows Phone, only superficially. Even though it requires just a little becoming accustomed to, it is also an very fast method of getting to applications that are not in your desktop.

After which there is the desktop itself, and much more specifically the way in which icons work. You can put entire icons like normal, however that occupies space. Action Launcher goes much further why permitting you to definitely swipe with an icon to possess its widget appear. That’s known as Wooden shutters, and will also improve your existence. When you wish to determine the widget, it’s there having a swipe. Do not want it? It isn’t in the manner. So They Cover transform normal folders into something a lot more helpful. (take a look at 6 others The best Android launchers bellow).

Google Play Store

21. Arrow Launcher

One more Best android launcher on our list by Microsoft. Arrow Launcher is a new Android launcher produced by, of people, individuals at Microsoft. Like other launchers, it replaces the home screens and application draw of the phone to supply a fresh route into the relaxation from the handset’s features.

Arrow Launcher

Microsoft’s twist is the fact that Arrow Launcher aims to create your Android-using existence simpler by getting towards the forefront the applications you utilize most, and pushing aside minimal used features. And be assured it doesn’t push any Microsoft applications or features onto you, aside from the wallpaper being provided daily through the Bing search service, should you so choose.

The Redmond-based company aims to place you in the center of Microsoft Arrow, basing everything the launcher does around you, dislikes, and just what features you frequently use.(take a look at five others The best Android launchers bellow).

Google Play Store

22. Lightning Launcher 

There isn’t really any good way to start explaining this best android launcher. That isn’t always a poor factor though, as you’ll rapidly realize the energy from the configurations and options when you put a while in it. Evidently from it, Lightning Launcher looks much like other launchers. You possess an “all applications” button pinned in the heart of the pier, along with a couple of normal homepages. The application drawer is up and down scrolling but stays one page at any given time, and it is transparent. Things rapidly get beyond control as they say once you decide to move applications around though, and that is once the fun starts.

Lightning Launcher fastest android

Lightning Launcher provides something which couple of launchers do, and that is the opportunity to completely transform what your phone looks and functions like as lengthy as possible think up. The crazy quantity of configurations and options could (and sure should) discourage the sporadic customers. But we are completely okay with this, because you will find dozens (upon dozens) of effective “classic” launchers available that offer only a couple of tweaks for that fundamental user. For that relaxation people that are looking to consider full control of how the launcher looks, Lightning Launcher is here now.

Google Play Store

23. Launcher Pro

Certainly one of Android’s greatest talents is obviously its molecularity – almost every facet of Google’s OS is really a separate entity which means parts could be enhanced or changed by third-party programs or programs.

Launcher Pro is an of these sites. It replaces the stock launcher application – that is negligence the OS which enables you to open other applications and study your house screens – and adds extra functionality.

However, the means by which Launcher Pro works can make it instantly familiar to anybody that has formerly used Android.

Your house screens still do what they’ve always done as well as your programs drawer is still effective understandably it to. The means by that you simply place cutting corners onto homepages and apply different wallpapers are similar.

Probably the most apparent change is the opportunity to boost the number of homepages up to and including more seven.

Google Play Store

24. TouchWiz

Best android launchers for who love Samsung company. TouchWiz sits outrageous of Android in Samsung’s products. The most recent to participate this party may be the Samsung Universe S6, which brings in a variety of changes over its predecessor, the Universe S5. Default and best android launcher for Samsung Android devices

TouchWiz best android launcher 2016

Samsung is not as freely formulaic as HTC if this involves speaking about its skin. Although everyone knows it as being TouchWiz and also have done because the original Universe S and former products, it does not skip through versions as tidily as HTC Sense, that is easily monitored.

Wikipedia informs us the latest iteration is Samsung TouchWiz Character UX 5., yet that isn’t something which you’ll hear Samsung discuss or make reference to. The TouchWiz title does not even show up on Samsung’s pages devoted towards the SGS6.

What exactly we are really searching at here’s TouchWiz around the SGS6 and contrasting it towards the SGS5 and just how it sits in context with a rival.

Google Play Store


25. Yandex Launcher

We see above many big Tech brands develop android launchers and they are the best Android launchers. Yandex Many a long time ago SPB accustomed to make applications for Home windows Mobile. The had something known as SPB Spend, it had been essentially a launcher for Home windows Mobile. Me and countless others loved it.

best android launchers

Go forward a couple of many SPB happen to be purchased by Russian Internet Search Engine giant Yandex. There is a catalog of applications for Android and Yandex Spend is one. If you like to use Yandex search engine, then you surely love this best android launcher.

What exactly on the planet could it be? Yandex Spend is a alternative launcher for the Android home screen. As they are it may be like this.

It consists of the launcher, Yandex icons, sections and standard Android icons. Oh and also the slide carousel. Confused? Yes well, things obtain a little complex.

best Yandex Launcher

Once installed it arrives with about 5 or 6 sections pre-created using an array of icons and sections. The sections are individual screens, onto which you’ll place pre-made large icons, small icons, normal Android icons, application cutting corners or folders. I Get the best strategy is to strip everything out aside from one screen after which increase the sections assuming you’ll need them. A fast press and hold reveals the editing screen permitting you to definitely move stuff around and also to remove sections. I personally used this for around 4 month and this best android launchers ever I had used.

Google Play Store

26. 360 Launcher

Last best android launchers is 360 launcher. While 360 Launcher hasn’t been up-to-date inside a couple several weeks, it’s a good option with many different personalization features including styles, wallpapers and lock screens. The interface can also be fast and smooth with many different animation options and also the launcher also features its own group of icons like clock, task manager and calendar.

best android launchers

best android launchers

One-tap RAM cleaner along with a battery saving mode can also be found as bonus features. However, we aren’t sure whether it will likely be up-to-date further, to encounter compatibility difficulties with new Android updates.

Google Play Store


I hope you may use this is the best launchers for Android 2017, new Android launchers and also latest android launchers. Leave a comment on your experience by above the best Android launchers.


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