Best bike under 1 lakh in India {List of top 5}

Best bike under 1 lakh in india, Even though there is a rise of one lakh plus priced bikes in India, sub one-lakh category is not lagging behind. In fact we have a few great bikes in this category. The bikes in this category are affordable to the average Indian student and also fun to ride and the best part is that most of these bikes are quite fuel efficient as well. So here is the list.

List of  Best Bike Under 1 Lakh in India

1. Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

Best bike under 1 lakh


Price: INR 87, 794 (ex. showroom Delhi)

The frist best bike under 1 lakh was  Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS The fact that Bajaj increased its stake in the Austrian motorcycle company KTM bought the brand to India and paved way to this futuristic looking and extremely well designed bike. It has got a twin spark 200cc KTM engine. So super power delivery is a given. Some say that the Pulsar is more fun to ride that Duke 200. Whatever it is, the bike is a ‘hooligan’.

Pros: Engine, Looks, Brand.

Cons: Rear Seat, Tyre Grip.

2. Bajaj Avenger 220 DTS-i

Best bike under 1 lakh

Price: INR 80,800(Ex. Showroom Delhi)

The secound best bike under 1 lakh was bajaj avenger 220 DTS-i. This is the only cruiser in this category or rather below the sub 5 lakh category. Although it has an ageing 220cc Pulsar engine, the bike is still going strong. People who are into cruisers but don’t want to spend a hefty amount of money on a motorbike are the buyers of this bike. The engine is quite responsive and highway speeds are quite manageable.

Pros: Only true cruiser in its category, Engine

Cons: Cumbersome to ride in day-to-day traffic, seating style not suitable to all.

3. Hero Splendor (All models)

Best bike under 1 lakh


Price: INR 45,655 (Ex. Showroom Delhi)

The third best bike under 1 lakh was Hero splendor. Who doesn’t know this brand or this mobike. It can be called as the epitome of practicality. This bike does what most of us Indians want, ‘Fill it, shut it, forget it.” The other thing great about this bike is the cost of ownership and the fact that any roadside mechanic can easily service this bike.

Pros: Fuel efficiency, cost of ownership.

Cons: Ageing design.

4. Yamaha FZ-S V2.0
Best bike under 1 lakh

Price: INR 76,250(Ex. Showroom Delhi)

This bike has got the looks to pull attention. With the build and looks of its elder sister the FZ1, who wouldn’t want this bike. And yes it is fun to ride as well

Pros: Looks, riding pleasure, easy to ride.

Cons: Rear wheel grip in rains, fuel efficiency.

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5. TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS

Best bike under 1 lakh

Price: INR 81,960 (Ex. Showroom Delhi)

Now the best fifth bike. The bike has got a racing pedigree. So excitement is a given. The 180cc mill is a powerful engine and with a great chassis the package is complete. The cherry on the icing of this bike is the availability of ABS in this bike. It was the first bike to offer ABS in the category. The drawbacks of this bike are the seating position and its build quality. After a year of riding or around 20,000 kms the motorbike starts showing its colors and a bit of engine vibrations. That is the only reason we had to place this nike 5th in our list, else it would have made somewhere higher up the list.

Pros: Power, Driva bility, Fun to ride around corners.

Cons: Build quality, seating position for tall riders, Refinement.


Hopefully this list out “best bike under 1 lakh in india” article may help you.

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