Compressing files software approx 1GB file into 1MB file

Today I am going to discuss about Recuva and KGB Archiver ! We use computer for so many purposes ! To save our photographs , to download movies , to download games , for animation . Today we will talk about two important software and they are  Recuva and KGB Archiver.
Some files uses more space , and so many users find it difficult to share those files . For this there are many software available in the market .
Like Winzip and Winrar . They are hot favorite . Which is awesome software to compress 1 GB file in to 1 MB file .

 Usefull information of this two compressing files softwere


KGB Archiver :

KGB Archiver compresses large files in to smaller ones . At the time of saving the file it gives you the option to save the file with .zip extension .
It gives you the option to protect your file with password. Which is again , very useful !

High compression ratio is achieved by KG Archiver .
It is an open source software .
Different levels are there to compress file . Your computer will run slowly as it takes time to compress files on a higher level .
The latest version of KGB Archiver is KGB Archiver 2.0  .
You can download it from the below link .

 Download KGB Archiver from HERE! 

Features :

This software is able to create self extracting files .
It supports .kgb and .zip files .
It supports multiple languages .
Now let’s talk about one more important software. If your photos or any files are deleted accidently you can get it back.
Just with the little help of Recuva software .


Recuva :

Recuva is used for data recovery . It is also possible to recover “Permanently” deleted files . This software can be used to
recover deleted files of USB Drives , MP3 players or memory cards . this software is for Windows platform and software is developed by piriform.
You can download this software from the below link . The latest version is Recuva 1.51.1063
Download Recuva from HERE!

 So Recuva and KGB Archiver are two important software for day to day life. 




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