Cortana on your Palm tops! Straight out of HALO


This is to all the HALO fans who bless Microsoft for creating such I DON’T HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT kind of game and at the same time cursing it for taking HALO off the PC platform and restricting it only to Xbox, now Microsoft is again offering you to play Master Chief giving you your very own CORTANA on your palm tops in form of a major update to the Windows Phone platform.



The new Windows Phone 8.1 has Cortana, your very own personal assistant which is actually your very own personal assistant and not some answering machine. It gathers information about you and your day to day activities and give appropriate suggestions. It has everything you want and all you need to do is ask.


As all HALO fans would remember Cortana paired with Master Chief providing strategic information, info on strange alien locals around him helping him in combat and in life. And I bet all the HALO fans are going to love the experience of being Master Chief asking for directions of maybe a Coffee shop or a Restaurant around you.


So now let’s ask Cortana how close she is to the real Cortana :


Cortana is taking our mobiling experience to the next level. From keypads to touchscreens, have you ever thought of operating your mobile device without touching? Now with Cortana you can. Let’s see how Cortana supplements to the Most Personal Smartphone:


Only released in US for now, and still awaited in other markets, Cortana is the most awaited feature of newly released Windows Phone 8.1 update. She looks out for you, providing proactive, useful recommendations. She gets to know you by learning your interests over time. And Cortana keeps you closer to the people and things you care about most, by keeping track of all that matters…

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