Daily Email alerts that are required

Hello Friends, I am back with some more important daily Email alerts that should be known by you.

If you have simply an Email address with you, you can be updated every time with your favorite news without any tension searching and surfing whole web with a waste of time.

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Daily Email Alerts used in daily life


You would be updated with email when-ever your name, your brand or website owned by you come in new stories. This is the better alternative to Google Alerts.

Wikipedia watch

Wikipedia watch will sent you Email notifications when any changes in web pages that you have listed in your watch list occurs. When the content of that article in website changes.


Daily Email alerts mention

Mention services monitors the social media websites and commenting platforms, While
Google Alerts tracks menition on website.


Daily Email alerts timehop

Timehop provides you an Email notifications that will update you with the 1 year back status with images. Status that are placed on any social website on which you are connected will be send to you every morning. also available on Facebook and Twitter .


The most popular IFTTT service provides you with an email notifications that will update you with several weather conditions, stock price Fluctuations, monitor craigslist and many more. also on twitter, wikipedia and Google play.

Domain tools

This notifies you about the nearing expiration of any domain. Domain tools monitors all your web domain and notifies you with an Email.


daily Email alerts accuweather

This website would keep you alert with weather around you and any place you want with providing you Email on gaps.

This were all most required or rather useful daily Email alerts that one should use after Google alerts. Stay in touch with me to get more surprising news on technology that you haven’t used yet.

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