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Easybytez Premium Account is an Online File Hosting Provider; It’s speed and download is unlimited, an instant start of the download, maximum download file size is also unlimited here, You can parallel download and resume your download also, Easybytez Premium Account provides you 5 TB storage. So by this article, I am going to explain to you that, How the IDM to work alongside the site of Easybytez Premium Account, and how to generate the Easybytez Premium Link Generator.

Difference between Easybytez Premium Account and Free Account

Eazybytez Premium Account

How can you configure IDM to work alongside the site of Easybytez Premium Account

1. You have to make sure that latest version of IDM you have installed, The old versions of IDM which is before 6.09 build 3 has a problem in the processing of the cookies and it will not work with the sites which are revealing.

2. If you have an Easybytez Premium Account, you have to do the following things:-

  • You must open your browser and sign in on the site being an Eazybytez Premium Account user, now press the Login, fill your Userid and Password after that press the Submit button, and, the site would set cookies that IDM can use whenever you add downloads to IDM. Afterwards, you could shut down the browser.
  • After you log in the site Easybytez Premium Account zone the very first time, your browser can request you to recall your credential which is given by you at the stage of login as shown in the figure below.
  • After that close-up and reboot the internet browser of preference that you simply generally do.

Note: You should not press LOGOUT as shown in the next image in any of your browsers. If you do so, the cookies will change.

Easybytez Premium Account

Easybytez Premium Link Generator

  • As soon as you sign in the site premium zone, just click on “My Account” on top of the web page (just like arrow one on the image) and enable “Direct Downloads” Option (arrow two) and press “Save Settings” (arrow three).

Eazybytez IDM

  • ¬†When IDM starts downloading HTML files may be your Easybytez Premium Account has expired. However, this may happen in case your Easybytez traffic limit has spent. You should attempt to log in to your account and check out that all things are in sequence or not.
  • Also, IDM downloads a web page if the file has already taken out of the website. You need to download a file using your browser. Hold “Alt” key while clicking a download link to tell IDM that it must not catch the download. Then you need to view a web page along with the justification of this problem.

3. In case you have a free account on Easybytez, the Correct file is downloaded by the IDM automatically through your browser. When you use “Download with IDM” browser’s context menu item or download panel for selected links, IDM will download a web page rather than a real file.

4. The issue may occur when you use some proxy. It is preferable in case you not use any proxy by any means. For those who absolutely cannot stay away from the proxy, you should employ the same proxy in your browser and IDM. Otherwise, the site will assume that you have different IPs for this download and download will fail just because a temporary link can be downloaded only one time from just one Internet Protocol Address. Please be aware that the name refers to different applications that attempt to take control of your internet traffic and behaves as a local proxy. It is usually some FireWall/Antivirus or any other security applications. When you use your browser via such application, you need to use IDM via it also.

5. And if your browser is FireFox, problems may occur if you are working with the third party extensions, companies to transfer downloads in IDM, for example, Flashgot. IDM can perfectly detect downloads itself however if you simply wish to use Flashgot, at least update it to the latest version.

6. After all these steps if IDM does not download it indicates that you probably did a problem in the past levels. Please recheck it.

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How to use Easybytez Premium Link Generator?

  • Make an Account or login into your existing Account http://www.easybytez.com
  • Make sure you are logged in.
  • Access this link: http://www.easybytez.com/?op=my_account
  • Enter Premium code / Premium code in the field with that description “Apply Premium Key” and click “Apply” button, and you will easily avail the Easybytez Premium Link Generator.

IDM Eazybytez

Benefits of Easybytez Premium Account

  • Easybytez Premium Account download speed is unlimited.
  • Its download priority is very high.
  • You can instantly download.
  • It gives you maximum size file download.
  • Easybytez Premium Account highest download capacity.
  • You can parallelly download by using this premium account.
  • You can also resume the download.
  • It does not download CAPTCHA.
  • Its maximum upload file size is up to 3 GB.
  • The inactive files which are days without download stored forever.
  • Easybytez Premium Account provides Priority Customer Service.

Eazybytez.com Username and Password

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So Easybytez Premium Account provides online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and installing tools, with this you can host various things in a single place. Easybytez Premium Account offers different features like the most significant data transfer speed with no bandwidth limits, limitless, safe and sound storage for your files and much more tools for uploading and managing your files (FTP).


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