Facebook to remove messaging feature from its smartphone app

[icegram campaigns=”5070″]The No.1 social networking service with 1.2 billion users, seems to show an interest in creating a variety of standalone apps to complement its main app.

Facebook is going to shut down the service provided to its users to send and receive personal messages in its main smartphone app, instead, users will now have to install a separate messaging app for that. It will include several new features along with the voice – calling feature.

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Facebook intends that users should have a consistent and high-quality experience. Facebook is certainly going to ensure that users in all countries install the Messenger app although any certain time-period is not provided. An alert message would be shown several times to the user before the feature disappears. Users of several European countries including England and France were notified about these changes recently.

Several popular blogs such as Mashable posted several reasons about why the idea of pulling a messenger from Facebook app is a terrible idea.

Facebook might want to boost popularity of it’s Messenger app through that move, but it might no turn out to be that fruitful in case that users don’t want to install two apps for one social network.

The change in Facebook’s messaging service was first reported by the technology blog TechCrunch.

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