Folder Colorizer Software : Give different colors to folders !

Sweet simple app that helps to colorize your folders, Folder Colorizer software !
Yeah, Now you can pick any color to differentiate your folders. Give them different color of your own choice !

Default color of the folder is light Yellow. Spice up the look of your folders using Folder Colorizer ! Some times you forget the name of the folder you created, and it becomes difficult to find that folder . Which is a very tedious job because each and every folder is having the same light yellow color!!

But if you give it a different color it becomes really easy to navigate to the folder which you want to because that folder is having different color !

There are some easy steps to change the folder color . So let’s get started !

Steps of Folder colorizer software:

Step 1

 So the first thing to do is, Download Folder Colorizer software from the below link. This tool is going to help you to change the color of your folder.

Folder Colorizer Software

Step 2

 Install it in your computer or laptop .

 Folder Colorizer software

Step 3

 Now Right Click on any Folder to change its color . You will get “Colorize!” option in that menu.

Folder Colorizer software 1


Step 4

 There you will find different colors. Choose the one you like and click on it .

 Folder Colorizer software 2

And it is done ! 

The best thing is, Folder Colorizer software gives the option to restore original color !
And it gives you choice to use various other colors of your choice .

I use red color for the important folders and blue for the not so important folders, Green for the folders in which my pending work is saved. Which reminds me every time that my pending here ! You can give it your own choice of color ! So, it is really useful for every one.

So, Which combination you are going to use for your Folders??

Let me know if you like this folder colorizer software using comment ! 

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