Freedom 251 is scam ? Find Out Here It Is Or Not With FAQ

New Delhi, February 18: Freedom 251, the least expensive smartphone in the world has gone out available. Noida-based manufacturer Ringing Bells’ are providing Rs 251 smartphone online Gadget enthusiasts, in addition to, smartphone applicants are hurrying towards the site to buy the merchandise in the unbelievable cost. However, tech commentators opine that maybe it’s a large scam, since this type of smartphone with your considerable specifications couldn’t be offered at this type of meagre cost, with whatsoever the quantity of subsidy provided by the federal government.

aseem manchandaBased on veteran tech journalist Aseem Manchanda, the group of earphone, usb charger amount in the cost which the organization claims they’re charging for the whole phone set. “Indian Cellular Association has complained to Telecom Ministry to consider depth on claims produced by company (Ringing Bell). Indian Cellular Association states minimum cost for 3rd generation phone is Rs 2700. It’s not easy to offer phone at Rs 251,”

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#1 Freedom 251 is applying Adcom’s casing

Freedom 251 continues to be spotted with Adcom’s casing. Adcom stated that it’s not manufacturing Freedom 251. It’s still unclear whether Ringing Alarms can make Freedom 251 in the own manufacturing facility or any other. Also, Adcom’s logo design continues to be blemished by whitener. Adcom’s Marketing Manager stated that, “We have no clue our branding has been utilized on the liberty 251. We’ll consider this.”

#2 Misguiding People

Earlier prior to the launch from the Freedom 251, the web site displayed picture of entirely different smartphone made by Ringing Alarms. Also, they used same image in reputed newspapers asia. Later they transformed the device’s images. Their official website displayed this least expensive smartphone will include some important pre-installed applications like Women Safety Application, Piece of fabric Bharat, Medical along with other applications, nevertheless it was discovered this device doesn’t include these applications.

#3 It’s not authorized by the Government

Ringing Alarms isn’t registered under Bureau of Indian Standards, therefore clients are not licensed to market its items in India. Also, BJP’s Mega pixel labelled the corporation as ‘ponzi bogus company scam’.

#5 Prices problem

Mobile Industry Body, Indian Cellular Association has advised the Telecom Minister, to appear concerning the prices of the budget smartphone. Indian Cellular Association maintained this device can’t be offered below $51 (R.s 3500) despite subsidies.

Freedom 251 is scam FAQ

1. There appears an issue with the payment gateway while ordering the telephone in the website. Why? How quickly could it be resolved? Has got the sales stopped permanently?

This issue happened on first day morning (Feb 18) consequent towards the enjoyable deluge of audiences where the high end Servers in our Payment Gateway and our primary Server Companies couldn’t cope !! [There have been 20 lakh demands on Feb 18 in the peak load and also the final amount of Sign ups received at the time were 3,70,15,000]

2. How’s Indian government joining up having a company without any proven history?

The Indian Government isn’t joining up the organization (Ringing Alarms Pvt Ltd).

3. Why has Freedom 251 got Adcom branding around the front panel? Could it be being made by Adcom? And why was the branding included in a whitener? That which was that for? Even when it had been only for demo along with a sample phone why did the organization fringe into other company items for your, why couldn’t they simply order fresh samples where ever these were buying and selling?

We simply desired to show an example Or model of the items the Mobile phone models may be like. This isn’t the ultimate piece Hence :

We clearly desired to provide “Made in India” Mobile phone models as that’s the main in our Vision.

We did a fast and intensive search and situated the constituents but re the Touch Plate, we faced an issue cellular the delicate character additionally towards the scratch-proof needs from the piece.

ADCOM is definitely an India Company so we could source from their store.

Cellular the lack of some time and considering that they were for everyone only as prototypes given FOC to some limited Listing of persons, we went ahead.

We’d clearly point out that the ultimate Freedom 251 manufactured put together in India is always to identical specs – i.e. no change !

There maybe some alterations in curvature buttons positions for appearance, if whatsoever.

4. When the actual phone isn’t ready why a renamed different phone was handed towards the media. May be the much over-blown Freedom 251 an idea in mid-air only?

Whenever we design an idea, we create a Prototype to show. Only then do we test the acceptability in the Audience. Once this really is recognized, we take this Prototype towards the Design House to create the Chipset the mold therefore we choose the particular add-ons such as the buttons – the color – screen quality etc.

5. Freedom 251 includes 12 months warranty, but where would be the service centres and just how many?

You will find 604 service centres across country and appearance complete list with address, telephone numbers and much more here.

6. The telephone isn’t on the BIS certifications page, how can this be?

Application is under filing so we have a much the Certification in hands prior to delivery commences.

7. The telephone is running on Android, however is not showing in a listing on Android partners either. How can this be?

We’re registered with Android Os Designers Platform.

8. How about another mobile phone models? Individuals have been worrying about no delivery or perhaps order confirmation? Is that this only a disadvantage game?

We’ve shipped Rs 1.7 Crores price of phones to date. Additionally, PayU [Payment Gateway] has gotten Rs 1.75 Crores against our phone online reservations of Phase 1 and here, once we have committed, we’ll claim our money after we complete delivery on February 25, 2016 after we submit Evidence of Delivery.

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