GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 5.15

GBWhatsapp now becoming popular day by day because of its amazing functionality. By using GBWhatsapp you can run dual whatsapp on android device. Its is also becoming popular because of it provide themes and different package name and many more things which official whatsapp does’t provide.

GBWhatsApp provides a different package name to help you use dual whatsapp. It doesn’t conflict while using old WhatsApp so, feel free to use both application simultaneously. The developer of GBWhatsApp ensure that it should provide the best security and service which is provided by the official WhatsApp and that is something make GBWhatsApp different from other whatsapp mods.


GBWhatsApp has developed the theming feature where you can easily create your own WhatsApp theme and apply in your WhatsApp. If you feel you might have created something really good then you can even send your theme to the developers of GBWhatsApp. All of this feature are fantastic but best features of application is that you can show your WhatsApp status as online forever. You can also freeze your last seen, second tick and blue ticks.

Dual Whatsapp : Use GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Simultaneously

There are lots of questions and confusion about Is it possible to run dual Whatsapp account in single android device. So the answer is always yes, We can run multiple or dual Whatsapp Account at same time. This technique is not official to use 2 Whatsapp account. There is no any official technique to use dual Whatsapp account a single android device. But you can easily use dual Whatsapp using third-party android applications like OGWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. OGWhatsapp is also a good solution but nowadays it is outdated because it only provide functionality of using multiple whatsapp, while GBWhatsApp provide more features along with dual whatsapp like themes, status online forever or you can stick with your last seen etc.

Most Important GBWhatsApp Features

1. Voice Call Feature.

GBWhatsApp was developed having a voice call support system that enables users to get and also make calls using WhatsApp accounts effortlessly. The voice call system supports the mulitiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. This means that there is no need to log out from one account to receive or make a call from the other WhatsApp account. The Device supports your multiple WhatsApp profiles simultaneously and lets you call someone from any of the accounts at any time.

2. Audio and Video Files Access.

GBWhatsApp gives an instant method of accessing received video and audio files without loading the content. This really is a big benefit that users should make use of at any kind of moment. That you won’t spend your time awaiting files to load in order to view the content is the thing that makes GBWhatsApp special.

Note : The files can be sent to any two WhatsApp accounts and you’ll still gain instant access to the content.

3. Multiple Languages

GBWhatsApp will support various widely used languages including English, French, Italian and Spanish. This will make it easier for a wider number of users to download GBWhatsApp, install and utilize the app to integrate their WhatsApp accounts in single device. There’s also plans to include more languages around the globe within the GBWhatsApp program in order that more and more people can discover the app valuable in the future.

4. Program Icons, Notification and Themes

GBWhatsApp Themes

GBWhatsApp Themes

GBWhatsApp  allows users to change program icon, notifications and background theme easily. You need to log in your account before selecting the icon for your dual whatsapp accounts and putting it for the profiles. To change notifications and background themes, log in your account and continue with the prompts as directed by the application developers. These functions have been completely included in to build your experience while using app more enjoyable.

5. Privacy Features

GBWhatsapp can hide possibly appearing privacy options so that users will feel much more comfortable when receiving and sending files and messages. While using privacy options, you can select to hide your last seen status or make it public, you can even decide to make your DP public or restrict its view to chosen people. The privacy options also let you block mulish WhatsApp users from accessing your account information.

GBWhatsApp Features Checklist

  1. Use dual Whatsapp Account with non-rooted android device.
  2. You can rasily share any large or small files like Multiple Videos Of Any Size, multiple Images, Also document files like Pdf, Ppt , doc etc..
  3. Copy any message without date, name and time.
  4. Use custom Icon.
  5. Hide Second Tick, last seen, Blue Tick, Groups Typing and even you can hide Your Profile Picture In One Click
  6. Support Video And Regular Calling with loging out from another account.
  7. Material Design.
  8. You will never face any ban issue of your official whatsapp account.
  9. Simple To Use Screen Lock Password For Robust Account Security.
  10. Now its possible to send a broadcast to 600 whatsapp users rather than 250 in a single click.
  11. Share Maximum Up To 30 Mb Of Videos Size Rather Than 16 Mb Size and also sen
  12. Up 90 Images At Once Instead Of 5 Images
  13. View Any Videos Without Download And Loading
  14. Just in a single click you can restore and backup of your all data
  15. Change Icon And Notification Option Available
  16. Now GBWhatsApp Will Support Over 100 Language
  17. You can Freeze your online status 24/7 Stay Online.
  18. You can Change Colors Of Your GBWhatsapp Screen Background
  19. Install GBWhatsapp With Official Whatsapp Account Without Crashing
  20. Quickly Access Any Hyper Link In A Single Click Without Typing It In Browser.
  21. You Can Easily Choose And Apply Your Favorite Theme From Inbuilt Theme Store.
  22. Lock Watts Password
  23. Counter Statistics Feature Available For Groups
  24. Encrypted All Broadcast Messages, Regular Messages And Calls

GBWhatsApp 5.15

Issues Fixed in GBWhatsApp 5.15

  1. Fixed Big Emojis (Now support with themes)l And Use
  2. Fixed Elapsed Time (Now works with both 12hrs & 24hrs)
  3. Fixed Other Many bugs
  4. Fixed To Open The Lock When A Reply Alerts.
  5. Fixed Bubble Possibility Working.
  6. Fixed Automatic Video Skip Issue
  7. Fixed Messages Translation
  8. Fixed crash when hide last seen from widget
  9. Fixed crash when open chat
  10. Fixed crash when open app
  11. Fixed Showing old pic profile
  12. Fixed option to create Shortcut
  13. Fixed disable custom Calls
  14. Other reforms and bug fixes
  15. A bunch name now can have 35 symbols rather than the 25 characters
  16. Fixed: To much Loading while applying theme on some devices
  17. Security: 2-steps verification added in Settings
  18. Fixed: Alert that program is harmful

Features Added in GBWhatsApp 5.15

  1. Enabled Most Awaited Video Calls
  2. Enabled 2 Factor Authentication
  3. Added: Option for managing cache files and deleting it
  4. Added: Video Call option added
  5. Added: 13 new launcher icons added for the app
  6. Added Button to Forward Media and color it (Mod 1.2.56 – 1.2.57)
  7. Added Ability to call by clicking on Missed Call Bubble
  8. Added Option to Clean WhatsApp Cache & Files from In-App (Mod 8)
  9. Now set Group name upto 35 characters instead on 25

How To install GBWhatsApp

  • Step 1: Download GBWhatsApp apk from end of the article.
  • Step 2: Install the GBWhatsApp app, while installing app you might get unknown source warning.

WA tweaks apk

  • Step 3: So, Go to settings and check unknown sources. Turn on the option. By this setting your android device allow the installation of app by unknown source. The unknown source other then play store or whitelisted apps.
  • Step 4: After finishing downloading, open GNWhatsApp
GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp installing

  • Step 5: You will observe the same process which you find in original WhatsApp.
    Now, enter your Mobile number and then, enter OTP to confirm your mobile number.
GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp OTP

  • Finally you successfully installed GBWhatsapp. Now enjoy GBWhatsApp or dual WhatsApp account in a single device.

Download GBWhatsApp 5.15

Final Words

So this all about GBWhatsApp. Feel free to use GBWhatsApp similarly you use your official WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp also safe. So, enjoy new GB WhatsApp and you can also use dual WhatsApp on your Android Phone. If you still some query or facing any problem then feel free to comment bellow otherwise comment how feel with GBWhatsApp after installing.

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