How To Get Free Internet For Android Phone Using VPN

Here you will know how to get free internet for android phone. We have one amazing trick through which you can get free internet on android phone. I ensure after studying this short article you will end up using free internet for android device. Follow simple steps and get free internet on your phone and tablets.

Today I will be in every different mood and revealing a 100% working method of getting free internet on android phone and tablets. Couple of years before everyone was using proxies to access internet however it is not working. In case you remember everyone was using Airtel NOP – Net On Phone services on few handsets 100% free. All of these were the conventional ways and today a days this tricks are of no use. People are paying lots of bucks monthly and yearly to get internet on there mobiles or tablets. You are going to save huge amount of money and that’s why I declared this really is likely to be a big thing for android users. Task is not tough, follow steps regarding how to get free internet on android phone and enjoy free internet.

You don’t have to keep your android device in any hazard to get free internet on android. Another big thing for android users is by using this method you will be able to access sites which are SSL secured and few examples of these websites are Facebook, Youtube etc.

How to Get Free Internet on Android phone ?

By using this modern Android Feat VPN will likely be easy for you personally as it supports the majority of VPN config files and it has clear to see UI. It’s readily available for all android versions 100 % free. Let’s start with our tutorial on.

Methods to Get Free Internet For Android Phone Using VPN

Method 1 : Free Internet For Android by Using FeatVPN

Firstly you must Download the Free Feat VPN For the Below links

FeatVPN config file

Create your own working Vpn config to .zip and keep in your sdcard.

Download Feat Vpn Config file for Free. 

Steps To Get Free Internet Using FeatVPN

  • Step 1 : After installing app launch the FeatVPN app then tap to setup, then it will automatically start tests to determine if your device is compatible with FEAT VPN.

free internet by FEAT VPN (2)

  • Step 2 : If all test will complete successfully then a popup come as in image. Tap to Dismiss.

free internet by FEAT VPN

  • Step 3 : Install the Downloaded VPN on your Android mobile.
  • Step 4 : Tap on Tunnel.
How To Get Free Internet For Android

How To Get Free Internet For Android

  • Step 5 : You will see an option called ADD. Click on it.

How To Get Free Internet For Android

  • Step 6 : After clicking Add button. Click on LOAD button.

How To Get Free Internet On Android

  • Step 7 : You can now see some config files of your sdcard. Choose one .zip file which you created or that you’ve unnamed.

How To Get Free Internet On Android

  • Step 8 : Next Feat Vpn has Some requirements like pass.txt and etc.
  • How To Get Free Internet On Android (2)Step 9 : Once the completing the requirements of Feat Vpn you’ll successfully connected to the internet.
How To Get Free Internet For Android

How To Get Free Internet For Android

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Method 2 : Free Internet Using DroidVPN

Requirements to use droidvpn for free internet

  1. You need 4.0 or further Android version or rooted android device.
  2. You should have 0 balance otherwise balance will be consume.
  3. You will need an active data plan, and must be 0 MB

Step to setup droidVPN settings

Step 1 : Download DroidVPN From bellow link.

Step 2 : Singup in DroidVPN Official website here.

Step 3 : Now open droidVPN apk and enter your email and password. These email and password is same as you entered in official website of the DroidVPN. Once you enter your email and password the application shows a small Ventada with the terms and condition where you have to check “I trust this application” and then click on OK.

Step 4 : Once your are inside the app then open the app settings, and click on the “Connection protocol” section and select the “TCP” option.

Step 5 : Now go back and Click on the “Port Settings” section and down-configure the options in this order: 443, 53.53.

Step 6 : Then click on the “HTTP Headers” section and check the “Enable” option. Then in the field below add this address:




Step 7 : Now leave DroidVPN app and enable your device data.

Step 8 : At last return to DroidVPN and select a Free server and then you click on the “Connect” button. Now enjoy free internet on android.

If you face any problem with the config files, then UDP or TCP opened in your area then you will automatically connected to the internet.

I hope now you know how to get free internet for android phone but still you have some query than feel free to comment bellow, we will give you feedback as soon as possible.

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