Google Search Engine Exciting Features

Google search engine features ! Yeah, indeed Google Search Engine has some exciting features. Google receives millions of queries each day , and it provides 22 other features that a lot of people don’t know . Google search engine provides time zones , stock quotes , maps , earthquake data , movie show timings , sports scores , news , airports .

Even it gives you the special feature of general calculations , temperatures , money/unit conversations . So lets get started.

  • If you want to search for an exact word ( ” ” )

Use quotes to search in the Google search engine for an exact word . For an example , searching for lyrics or a line from any book. “Because life is what you make it”


  • Exclude a word / Use dash ( – )

Use dash sign ( – ) before a word or a website name to exclude the results that include that word.

For example , Android


  • Search from particular websites or domains ( site: )

Get results from particular websites or domains.

For an example , technology site:


  • Search for pages that link to a URL ( link: )

Find pages that links to certain pages . You can find all the pages that link to Myinfopie .

Foe an example , link:


  • Search for related sites ( related: )

If you already know the URL of the site then you can find related stuff in Google search engine.

For an example : related:


  • Search for a missing word ( Use * )

Searches for a missing word in the phrase or song’s lyrics by using * sign .


  • Search for either word ( Use OR keyword )

If you want pages that may have just one of the terms include OR keyword between both words . 


  • Number range search ( number..number )

It searches according to the range you provide .

For an example , Rs 30000….Rs 80000 laptops


  • Get info About known URL ( info: )

Gives you all the information about the given URL.

For an example , info: 


  • Searches for definitions ( define: )

Use the operator define: and get the definitions .

For an example , define: Android



  • Search for specific type of document ( filetype: )

This operator provides you exactly the type of document you want. 

For an example Android filetype: ppt



  • Search for movie show timings ( movie: )

This operator provides you movie show timings of the theaters around you.

For an eample , Ek villain movie: 390002



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