Google Today : My Best Friend !

Google Today ! Well yeah , Who can imagine a day without Google Today ? I mean I can’t. Having a Smartphone without Google , having a laptop or computer without Google , I think it is useless without Google in it!

On this special day , How can we forget to say Thanks to Google?? For being always there for us!

It has made our life so simple . Just write anything and get the results in a minute or we can say in a few seconds!

It provides accurate maps , news , definitions !

Google has over 450,000 servers, racked up in clusters located in data centers in all around the world.

You can have Google Home page in 88 different languages !
The search engine receives about a billion request per day ! And this shows how much people love to use Google today . Even it receives request from Antarctica !!
The best part of Google is , When you give a feedback about Google they listen to it ! Yeah , they do ! They listen to it actively , which is very good thing ! They care about their user’s feedback .
They have 20% / 5% rule .
If at least 20% of people are using a feature, then they will include it . At least 5% of people need to that kind of  particular search preference before it will make it into the “Advanced Preferences“.

You can do many things with Google Today !

  • Did you know you can set up reminders from desktop as well as your phone? For example, just type “remind me to call tomorrow” in Google Chrome to get a reminder . 

Just try it out, make sure your Google App is up-to-date and you are signed-in to Chrome with your Google Account . 

  • You can set timer .
For example , set timer 5 minutes 
  • You can ask Google to calculate tip on dinner or lunch .
  • Find for any holidays .
  • Search for movie’s release date .
  • Use TV guides to get the schedules of your favorite shows . 
  • Get help in deciding what to eat ! This feature of Google compares calories .
Say for an example type “Pizza vs Ice-cream” in search engine.
  • Find songs and play them online !
  • It can also check flights for you!
  • Gives you the exact sunrise time of any place .
For an example , sunrise Vadodara. 
  • You can call it to roll , Just type Do a barrel roll and it will roll ! Type tilt and it will tilt a little bit . Crazy isn’t it??
  • Google loves to play . Play zerg rush game !  Just type zerg rush and see what happens !
  • Get a retro version of Google 1998 . Type Google 1998 and get the retro version of Google !
Also Google provides so many applications which we use daily . 
So, In the end I will say “I’m Feeling Lucky” 🙂

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