How to save battery life on smartphone {Best tricks}

How to save battery life on smartphone? Now its very easy to save smartphone battery life. Smartphone are the small computers. It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you are using ! It can be Android , iphone or Windows . The first rule to save your battery life is to stop using battery life of your phone playing angry birds and walking around with data pack or Wi-Fi enabled especially when you are not even using it.  There are some guidelines for your phone to last extra hour! 

How to save battery life on smartphone by some easy steps


Turning down the brightness of your phone screen will prevent some of your phone’s battery life. Go to the Settings menu where you will find options to reduce the brightness.Do not use shiny bright wallpapers.Do not use live wallpapers they use battery more!! How to save battery life on smartphone?? So this best answer by this first step you can save battery.


Smartphones gives radios, turn off as many of your phone’s wireless radios as you can.Which includes GPS, Bluetooth,NFC & Wi-Fi.


Turn off “push” services such as incoming email messages. Every single time, Your phone needs to ping a server to send you the updated data.


If you would like to use internet, prefer Wi-Fi instead of cellular connectivity if possible. It will require you to connect a wireless network at home or at office . It is proven that Wi-Fi is less taxing on your battery than using cellular (3G/4G) services.


Always lock your smartphone when you are not using it.You’ll always be able to receive calls even when it is locked!


Phone battery will drain faster if you are using the phone for applications that are more “demanding” on the system . Like , watching videos , playing games . Multitasking like , listening to music and surfing the web, can also cause to faster battery drain. Some applications causes battery drain more than others like ones with online advertisements , Live widgets , etc .


Properly close an app when you are not using it as it still might be running in the background and using up power and data. For example,in iPhone double tap the Home button and swipe up to close running applications. Similarly in Android press and hold the home button and swipe to the right to close running applications.



Download the latest software updates as engineers always tries to improve power management.


Many phones have battery packs to extend battery life to double it and they even offer added protection . Or you can carry around portable lithium-ion battery boosts plug into your smartphone via USB cable (the higher the mAh number, the more it can charge up your device). Or you can buy an extra battery. So I hope you can understand that How to save battery life on smartphone.  🙂 

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  • Tip = Your phone gets charge much faster when it is in airplane mode.

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