How To Unlock Moto G Bootloader

How To Unlock Moto G Bootloader

[icegram campaigns=”5070″]In case of Moto it’s easy to unlock because Motorola has been kind enough to provide it on their own website. Now unlocking the bootloader is a compulsory step especially when you wish to play with your smartphone well in some cases it comes unlocked but in Motorola smartphones it doesn’t, we need to unlock it so that we can go ahead and customize the device as per our needs.
How To Unlock Moto G With Bootloader

How To MOTO G Unlock

So to begin with the process, we have listed few

1. First of all we begin with technical stuff we need you to backup all your phone’s data because after this process is complete the data will be lost so its only best to take proper backup of everything.

2. The Use debugging must be enable, in order to do that you have to go to the developer options and switch on USB Debugging, if you won’t see the developer options in your settings then go to about device and click on Build Number for 9-10 times and you will get a message that y. Now swtich the debugging on.

3. Now we have to pair the device in order to connect and have a smooth working between your computer and your MOTO G we need to provide the computer with the USB drivers which you will find on this link.

4. And For unlocking process we finally need Android SDK to be installed on your computer which you will find on this link.

Method : How To Unlock MOTO G Bootloader

Step 1 : So lets begin, you need to enter few lines of code and on windows computer you need to open terminal to put up all the code in the terminal, So pres shift +f10 that you can able to open the terminal in the new window. Now that you have the terminal open you need to direct it to the Android SDK so for that you have to find where you installed it and copy the source file. Below we are showing that how you will find it in your computer so be very careful to choose the source file and path too:
[cow_johnson general_bgcolor=”#9c9a9a”]C:/Android SDK/adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030/sdk/platform-tools/[/cow_johnson]

Step 2 : Now once you get the path select the source path of your computer you have to add cd before it which means after adding the cd word your address may look like dis:
[cow_johnson general_bgcolor=”#9c9a9a”] cd C:/Android SDK/adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030/sdk/platform-tools/. [/cow_johnson]

Step 3 : Now we shall start coding part . Don’t be scared it’s not as tough as it Shows, its just a lines to let the ADB control your phone now in order to do this you need to write adb devices in the terminal and press enter which shall show a new line which says list of devices attached TA8900F923 device. It’s not necessary that you get the same statement so just see that similar device number code is appear.

Step 4 : So going further you have to type adb reboot bootloader which will restart your device into the bootloader menu within fraction of second . After when you successfully reach to the bootloader menu you have to write fastboot oem get_unlock_data and press enter which will now show you a message of 7 lines which is given follow:

[cow_johnson general_bgcolor=”#dedede”]

(bootloader) 3B95720215784488#5441383833304C
(bootloader) 47325600565431303332000000#361D
(bootloader) 7293361E198D7D591294131B57789CA
(bootloader) 86EC6#C39412020F00000000000000
(bootloader) 0000000
OKAY [ 0.164s]
total time: 0.164s


Step 5 : Well, yes! It’s getting a bit complicated but you are almost there so don’t worry people its fine. You need to copy all of this right from 3A to 00, now you have to right click on the terminal window and select copy option and select this whole paragraph. Now go to word file – create new – copy this whole paragraph and delete everything other then this figures so you will get

[cow_johnson general_bgcolor=”#dedede”]
Step 6 : Now combine all the code ass I gave in following lines:

[cow_johnson general_width=”550″ general_bgcolor=”#dedede”]3A95720615784488#5441383833304C47325600585431303332000000#361D7293361E178D7D591294131B57789CA86EC4#C39412020F0000000000000000000000[/cow_johnson]

Step 7 : Copy this line of code and now give the hard work to folks at motorola Now you can visit motorola website, sign up or log in and paste this line into the space and hit the button that says something like can my device be unlocked? And if I things it have gone the right way then you will see a green light!!! Once you get that accept the user agreements and terms and conditions because once you do this you will find that you have received an email from Motorola which contains the next steps to unlock the bootloader.

Step 8 : Now in the email you will find that there is around 15-20 letters line of code more like a key which you need to copy, please copy it carefully and then get back to the command script and type
Fastboot devices ( this will actually show you that your device is listed in their database).
fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY

Step 9: Now after writing the unlock word you have to paste your code which you received from Motorola and replace it where this UNIQUE_KEY is written.
If you have done and copied and pasted everything properly then your phone would be rebooting and then you will see a message on your phone’s screen that your bootloader is unlocked.

Now enjoy you will successfully Unlocked Moto G. I Hope You understand  How To Unlock Moto G with bootloader. If you have Still some query than feel free to comment bellow.

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