How Increase Alexa Ranking fast , 9 Most effective way

[icegram campaigns=”5070″]How to Increase Alexa Ranking fast?? Today I’m going to tell you some best ways for Increase Alexa. The Alexa is one of the best website status analytic. Its shows your website status that how much your website have visitor per day, how much your website was update etc.

10 Best ways to Increase Alexa Rank fast

What is Alexa Ranking ?

Alexa is a Website that provides the information of website and traffic on website. also Alexa provides information about the total pageviews, Today’s pageviews, Site linking, Number of unique visitors, Traffic sources and also provide country vise rank etc. Alexa ranking is based upon traffic a website receives from people with the widget or toolbar installed or you have to install Alexa widget on your site.

1. Install Alexa Toolbar :

Download and install Alexa toolbar on your  web browser and ask your visitors to install Alexa toolbar.

10 Best ways to Increase Alexa Rank fast


2. Claim Your Website or Blog :

After installing toolbar, you have to claim your website on This will provide all information of your website and helps to increase in ranking. After claiming your site it will allows you to review your site.

3. Add Alexa Widget On your Website :

This was the best way to Increase Alexa Ranking fast, Alexa will count website’s traffic by adding Widget on your Website. You can not ask your visitors to download and install toolbar for browser so, it’s better to add Alexa widget on your blog or website. You can see at footer on my website. 



4. Write Quality Content :

This is important also for AdSense approval. Because it provides you the more visitors and using this make more links and helps you in increasing Alexa ranking.  

5. Provide Fresh Content :

Daily update Website is necessary because of visitors come in your site again and again for reading new updates and  never copy any content or post from any website. If you do then you will not get more visitors and also you loss Alexa rank. Just mind this and you get definitely high ranking quickly.

More post = More Search visibility = More traffic = Alexa Rank up

6. Increase your Social Reach :

If you are a owner of any facebook page then you know about Social Reach, this is also help for increasing Alexa rank. You should have your site linking with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other social networking site. By increasing Social Reach, heals in links building and make your site popular. I think you may know about this way Increase Alexa Rank fast by using social network.

7. Build Backlink :

If want high alexa ranking than this a best way to improve Alexa Ranking fast. Backlinks is a most important part of SEO(search engine optimization) also you should create more Backlinks to blog or websites and comment your blog to other popular blogs. doing these things your Alexa ranking increase more faster and also you will get more traffic. This is best for get good ranking in google search result and also for increase alexa ranking fast.

8. Write A Post About Alexa :

By writing post about Alexa you will definitely get the visitors which also have installed Alexa toolbar or widget on their blog or website.

9. Increase Organic Traffic :

This was most important way to increase Alexa Rank fast.  Traffic is matter for all things like AdSense, increase Alexa rank. So, you also need to increase traffic to your blog or website. do all 9 things for increase your Alexa rank.

So this are the best 9 ways to increase alexa rank fast, keep visiting for more up dates  

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