Internet Tips And Tricks for free that are very useful

If you using internet you want to know internet tips and tricks for free . There are some tips and tricks that you can use during web surfing. These Internet Tips and Tricks makes your web surfing experience enjoyable ! 

Best Internet Tips And Tricks for free


  •  Every time it is not mandatory to write http:// part of a website URL

For an example , you can just type then press Ctrl+Enter to type out the rest of the address

  • Quickly move between the fields of an online forms ( Use Tab / Shift+Tab Keys )

When you are filling an online form, E-mail, or any document you can easily move between the fields. Just press the Tab key or Shift + Tab .
You can also use this keys to switch from one button to another.


  • Some internet tips and tricks for free on browser keyboard shortcuts

There are so many shortcut keys that we can use with our Internet browsers. Which saves our time !

  1. Pressing Alt + D will move the cursor into the address bar.
  2. Hold the Ctrl key & pressing the + or key will increase or decrease the size of text and to reset the text again just press Ctrl + 0 (zero) .
  3. Pressing the backspace key or holding down Alt key + left arrow key will help you to go back the previous page.
  4. Pressing F5 will refresh or reload a web page.
  5. Pressing F11 will make the Internet browser screen full screen and Pressing F11 again will return it to the normal view.
  6. To open your bookmarks press Ctrl+B .
  7. In you want to find anything on a web page then press Ctrl+F . This keyboard shortcut works almost everywhere in Notepad , Microsoft Excel , Microsoft Word , etc. This shortcut is very helpful when you are reading something !


  •  Use a Fast web browser

This is Best internet tips and tricks for free in this listout. If you are still using internet explorer then change it. The fastest web browser is Google Chrome. And you can install it from the below link.
Install Google Chrome From Here !

Instead of opening new windows open new tabs ! Opening new windows will decrease your speed and if many windows are opened it will waste your time to find the particular window .

Get the most out of Internet search engines !

Tip : Rather than using Search button you can simply press Enter .


  • Try different browsers

There are so many browsers that are all free to download and easy to use just try them and use the one you find best for yourself!

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Opera

This tips and tricks are for all. 

Note:-Make sure your browser is up-to-date . 


  • Block Flash

Internet Tips And Tricks for free for block flash. Yeah It is very difficult to get away from flash technology many websites uses flash .
And the problem here is, Flash can be slow! So it decreases the speed of your browsing experience.
You can turned off flash by default and then re-enable it whenever you want to view it again .
Some browsers require an add-on to block flash. For Chrome, all you need is an add-on Flashblock.
For Firefox Flashblock extension .
And for Internet Explorer there is a built-in tool you can access it by clicking Tools -> Manage -> Add-ons. In that Manage Add-ons dialog box, double-click the Shockwave Flash Object and then, click on the Remove All Sites button.
It will disable Flash for all sites.

  • Avoid unnecessary Tool bars

Most users do not know that those unnecessary tool bars decreases the speed your browser in many ways.
Some tool bars simply occupies your computer’s precious memory, while others eat bandwidth by sending and receiving data in the background .
The more tool bars you have, the more they will decrease your browser’s speed !
If speed is really your first priority, then just get rid of those unnecessary Tool bars. So this Internet Tips And Tricks for free for all tool bars

  • How to protect yourself when you are online ? ( Look for lock in the address bar )

Most important internet tips and tricks for free , When sending personal information over the Internet such as log-in ids , passwords, net banking information or credit card/debit card details only send it securely.
Verify it by looking for a small lock in the address bar(as shown below).Lock should also be in the locked position !

internet tips and tricks for free
The webpage’s URL should always begin with https:// as shown above.
When the lock is in the locked state, data is encrypted, which helps from anyone understanding the data if it’s intercepted .
When lock is not visible or in the unlocked state all information is plain text and if intercepted then it can easily be read. Internet tips and tricks for free.

Avoid Internet phishing.

Protect children from harmful web pages and people on the Internet by using parental lock .

There are so many online services that will help you to use your computer easier, more productive.

Hope you liked this internet tips and tricks for free!

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