Johammer J1 electric Motorcycle breaks 200 km range

Now an Eco-friendly motorcycle is available in market. J1 electric motorcycle , the Austrian Johammer J1 electric motorcycle is a traditional motorcycle design in the world of science fiction. This bike features the electric motor being integrated into the rear wheel. Johammer J1 electric motorcycle based johann HammerSchmid.


johammer j1 electric motorcycle Specifications :-


Price:- $31,600 (£19,000)

Range:- 93 miles & speed:- 75mph

Battery capacity: 8.3 kWh

Charge time:- 80 per cent in 2.5 hours


Price:- $34,500 (£20,600)

Range:- 125 miles & speed:- 75mph

Battery capacity:- 12.7 kWh

Charging time:- 80 per cent in 3.5 hours

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johammer j1 – electric motorcycle

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Austrian Johammer J1 electric motorcycle built electric motorcycle with Permanent magnet synchronous motor 14 horsepower. Its top speed is 75kmph (120 mph). Its body is framed of Aluminum. Battery is Li-ion 8.3 kWh J1.150 to 12.7kWh J1.200. The Motorcycle takes  2.5 hours to charge J1.150 (60 mins fast charge). It has a Low weight-to-power ratio: 5.2 kg per kWh. Its price is quite costly for a whooping $31,000, but it good for environment.

Johammer J1 electric motorcycle uses a hub-center steering and suspension setup at the frontal end. These units do a very great job of separating braking from suspension forces and controlling plunge under brakes, but they’re also much more expensive than forks. 

Apart from the bike’s absolutely bizarre retro-futuristic styling, a few other things are immediately striking. It doesn’t have a classical dash, opting instead to fuse the speed and charge indicator into a panel on the mirrors.

The battery modules are developed in-house at Johammer, giving the company a second product stream as well as the perfect manifestation platform. Guaranteed service life of the battery is 200,000 km (124,000 mi) or 4 years without dropping below 85 percent of the new battery’s capacity. These are very cool features for an electric motor.

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