Looking Up – A Lost Art

Evolution, the process which made us the Homo Sapiens and evolution again is evolving us to Stolidus Sapiens. The difference is what is causing the Evolution. The prior evolution evolved our mind, making us wiser and the later one is evolving our bodies, making us lazy. We are caught in the trap of screens and are now we are so addicted that our eyes are glued to it. And in all this, the art responsible for our survival, the art which made us the Social Animals, is extinct. THE ART OF LOOKING UP.


Before the evolution of social networking, when we used to use our brains. We remembered everything including contacts of friends and relatives, birth dates and everything else important. But today we need facebook to remind us with everything. We belong to that generation where phones are getting smarter and people are getting dumber.


Hanging out with friends, planning get-togethers, all the fun in open grounds, all lost behind glowing screens. Want to show something to your friends, click a pic and share it!!! Want to get-together, create a group and chat on… Now the only places to find playgrounds is in someone’s cover pic. Want to surprise a friend on birthday, send a pic with cake and balloons!!! All that fun of getting a cake inside a friend’s house at midnight, surprising them and making them cut the cake with a single eye open, still half sleep and imaging it to be there best dream ever, all faded away by a single Happy B’day on your friend’s wall.


Behind all the smilies, we are forgetting to express. Now our chats are more expressive than our faces. Hiding behind a screen, we don’t even know who is sitting right beside us. Randomly browsing our phones staring at contact list or menu just to avoid interaction with a fellow which makes you feel embarrassed.


Feel this video, don’t just watch. It might change your life…


Now switch off your phones, take your bikes and get out. Feel the sun, the wind, everything around you. Express without smilies. Get into a friend’s house and pull him out. Hangout at your favorite spot. Talk to him looking up at his eyes and not at his display pic. Don’t get caught in the NET, cause when this life will end all you’ll have is REGRET.


And never forget, ALWAYS LOOK UP…

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