Apple Macbook Pro 2015 Features And Release Date

 Macbook Pro 2015 Features

Macbook Pro 2015 Features and release date For all the Techno-geeks and Apple freaks, this article is a must read to keep you abreast with latest technological advents. Below is a round-up article which gives an overview of Apple products in 2015.

The technology is moving with an unteachable pace these days. The advent of better gadgets continues from Apple Inc. as well. After the DELL XPS 15, Apple in its March 2015 major event declared it launch for refreshed MacBooks.

 Macbook Pro 2015 Features



Sources predict for Apple Inc. having 10 major changes in the year 2015.

• Apple wearable devices (Apple watch) which are already out in the market features some high fashion high tech watches available in many variants. Yet it doesn’t call for a must buy device! This was best Macbook Pro 2015 Features. 

• Apple is trying to get Retina displays on almost all its devices including i Mac and the MacBook Air 2.

• Apple plans to launch iPad Air 3, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro for power use in this year.

• The current OS X 10.10 might be refreshed with OS X Yosemite 10.11 which includes ease of operation with better pre-installed apps. Blurring might continue as before. Again, it does not prove radical changes though.

• iOS 9 for iPhones are set to rock the floor with better music and smoother operation.

• iTunes with HD audio and BEATS music will be a breakthrough.

• iPhone 6S and 6C are expected with minor changes.

• A few changes in the Apple TV to set an edge against competitors.

• People will for the first time witness an Apple stylus (A stylus) for iPads sooner.

• MacBook Pro 2.0 will be in limelight amongst all with a refresh powered with 5th Gen Intel Broadwell processors.

The 15 inch MacBook Pro is same but the 13inch model comes with a couple of cool updates. The changes in MacBook Pro 2015 are though less compared to the MacBook Air (2015), it proves to be a ninja in its segment!

The new series of MacBook Pro powered with 5th Gen Intel Broadwell processors i.e. Intel core M-5Y70 which provides 1.7X better performance and speed and a 2 hour extended battery backup. Apart from this, more powerful graphics, faster flash and the all-new Force Touchpad adds to the glory..

 Macbook Pro 2015 Features

Tech specs of Macbook Pro 2015 Features :

With a sleek design yet powerful machine, the new MacBook has an edge-to-edge keyboard and an amazing track pad. On the other hand, it comes with only ports: headphone on one side and a USB type C port on the other side. The standard processor speed is up to 3.1 GHz (turbo 3.4 GHz) and an Intel Iris Graphics 6100. With 2X faster flash memory up to 1.6 GBps gives it an extra edge! The battery last up to 10 to 12 hours in a single charge. Similar to 12inch MacBook Air 2.0, MacBook Pro also comes with a Force Touch track pad which enhances day-to-day computing experience.
The all-new Force Touch track Pad:

This track pad will add a new dimension to computing experience in terms of interactivity. The built-in Force sensors and haptic feedback system promises a responsive and uniform feel. The amount of force to register each click is also made custom. The force click gesture enables the users a speedy response for quick reference and preview/glancing. In short, it is sensitive to different degrees of touch like hard and soft touch!!

Price Of Macbook pro 2015

Configurations: There are three basic variants for MacBook Pro 2015 models.

2.7 GHz (turbo 3.1 GHz)8 GB RAM128 gigs HDD£999
2.7 GHz (turbo 3.1 GHz)8 GB RAM256 gigs HDD£1199
2.9 GHz (turbo 3.4 GHz) 8 GB RAM512 gigs HDD £1399

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