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Vintage Motorcycles that are most Expensive !!! Welcome to the world of vintage Motorcycles. Vintage has become the new cool. To maintain these bikes you need a lot of passion. Not the passion you have with a fat bank balance, but the hundreds of hours spent in the garage just for a single part. To maintain them you need to love them, unconditionally. It takes hundreds or sometimes even millions of dollars to care for these bikes. So lets take a look at one of the most rare and expensive motorcycles auctioned till date. vintage bike


Top 11 Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycles in the world (vintage bike)


11)  1915 Indian 8-Valve Board racer-$60,000

Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle

the last vintage bike, this was a bike produced by the America based Indian Motorcycle Company, now a brand owned by Polaris Motors. The few that were made were reserved specially for factory racer and other race qualified cutsomers strictly. Boardtrack is an oval race track made of wood planks on which racers rides. There is one model in India, and was awarded “The Most Desirable Vintage Motorcycles of the Show” award recently by John Abraham. Not best but this ok ok classic bike.


10)  1926 Coventry Eagle 980cc Flying -$85,000

Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle

10th vintage bike is the Coventry-Eagle Company was an English firm made Royal Eagle bicycles in the 1890s and built their first JAP-powered motorised bicycle around the turn of the century, I guess at around 1901. The Flying Eight which they introduced in 1923 was a competitor of the Brough motorcycle both in quality and speed. Production continued until 1939 and then stopped. This was also well known classic bikes production company at time. 


9)    1939 HRD Vincent Series A Rapide-$110,000

Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle

Ninth most expensive vintage motorcycle, the Vincent Series A Rapide is one of the most favoured motorcycles of a vintage motorcycle afficionado. These bikes are very rare as only 78 were ever produced and sold. Of them only 7 remain though.


 8)    1952 HRD Vincent Series c Black Lightning-$160,000

Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle

Eight Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle in this list, the Black Lightning was a special high performance motorcycle on which land speed record was broken at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. At the time of its production the Black Lightning was the fastest production motorcycle in the world. This is a super rare motorcycle since only 31 Black Lightnings were ever built before the company shut down in 1952 due to financial problems of the Great Economic Depression post WW II. Now only a few, to be precise less than 6 motorcycles remain.

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7)    1924 BMW R32 -$165,000

Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle

7th vintage bike is the BMW had to stop production of its aircraft engines after the Treaty of Versailles since the new government banned the German Air Force and Aircraft Factories. This gave rise to BMW’s first bike, the R32. It had a hand held gear lever at the side of fuel tank and had 3 gears. This not only best classic bikes company but its still the best “BMW”. 

6)    1940 Crocker (Big Tank) -$230,000

Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle

The short lived Crocker Motorcycle Company was an American manufacturer of powerful V-twin road motorcycles before production ceased in 1942. Crocker road bikes a ultra rare since they were made to order vehicles. But the ones which were made were way faster than the motorcycles of their times. The motorcycles were guranteed to be faster than Indians and Harleys of those times, failing which the company was ready to pay back the buyer’s money.

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5)    1939 Brough Superior SS100-$300,000

Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle

The Brough Superior SS 100, one of my personal favorites, was designed and built by George Brough in Nottingham, England in 1924. Every bike was a made to order cutom otorcycle which was designed according to customers tastes and was advertised by Brough as the “Rolls Royce of Motorcycles”. The term was coined by a magazine in its review, and Brough eventually obtained the permission to use it after a Rolls-Royce toured the Brough Factory in England.  All bikes had a guarantee that they were capable of 100 mph (160 km/h). The Super Sports100 was the first motorcycle which had its company sourced from different companies i.e. the component production was outsourced.


4)    1907 Harley Davidson ‘Strap Tank’ Single -$352,000

Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle

Fourth most expensive vintage motorcycles. William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson began experimenting with  combustion engines in the late-1890s. After successfully experimenting with 400cc and 475cc engines, they commenced production of the first Harley-Davidson, offered for sale in 1904. So this is the first bike ever produced by the cruiser giants. It was one of the few single cylinder motorcycles ever produced by Harley Davidson. It was, just like other motorcycles of those times, an engine mounted on a cycle frame motorcycle.


3)    1939 BMW Type 255 Kompressor-$400,00

Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle

German BMW rider Georg Meier was the first non-British rider who won the Senior Tourist Trophy race at IOM TT in 1939. George won the race on the same motorcycle featured here, clocking an average speed of 89.38mph and finishing in two hours, 57 minutes and 19 seconds which was a 2″ ahead of his closest competititor, his team mate, Jock West.


2)    1915 Cyclone-$520,000

Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle

Cyclone was most expensive vintage motorcycles were manufactured by the short lived Minnesotta based Joerns Motor Company from 1912. Later manufacture was moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The Cyclone though a short-lived brand made its mark by doing very well on the circuits between 1910-1930s. It was a V-twin Engine Mounted on a bicycle frame. It is said to be the second most expensive motorycles ever sold at the price after the Winchester. 


Now the Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycles in world a best vintage Motorcycles.

1)     1910 Winchester-$580,000

Most Expensive Vintage Motorcycle

The most expensive vintage motorcycles How would you react if I say that this bike, today costs equal to a spanking new Lamborghini  Aventador? Yes, it does. But the bike is an uber rare piece of machinery who broke the auction price record of Cyclone Boardtrack Racer Motorcycle. The Winchester was a legendary gun maker from America who manufactured motorcycles only for 2 years i.e. 1909-1911. The bikes, manufactured in San Francisco were a single cylinder unit churning out 6Hp of power. Of the less than hundred bikes produced, only 5 remain in the world. This was best classic bikes I ever though.


So this are all best vintage bikes which are Most Expensive and World’s Rarest. 

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