OGYoutube APK Download Latest Version 2017

OGYoutube is the best YouTube downloader among all the YouTube downloader apps. Downloading videos from YouTube is easy using OgYouTube Apk “OgYouTube”. This app works as YouTube client, you have access for download to any video with simply one click. OGYouTube Apk is the best modded app of youtube.

OGYoutube APK

The primary reason to recommending using OGYouTube happens because it features a simple interface with glossy look and does everything an ordinary downloader does. Furthermore this application enables its users to stream, search and discover top trending YouTube videos with the OGYouTube application browser. Then under every YouTube video you will find a download option that when clicked provides you with various download options. So, that you could download any video in various resolutions and formats too. Now you’re able to watch and download YouTube videos from your home windows computer using OGYouTube application. If you are a addicted fan of YouTube this one will be a perfect choice for you simply so stream as if you always do.

OGYouTube APK Features

As mentioned previously, OGYouTube was developed with the reason for bringing in the features we want in YouTube. What are these features? Well, the below mentioned listing of top features of OGYouTube Downloader APK will explain why it is preferred of all other youtube downloaders.

Feel like your are using YouTube interface.

It is a mixture of YouTube and a lot more features. OGYouTube downloader is ultimately going to greet you with similar interface and also the basic features YouTube has. You will see videos from your favourite channels, search videos, like or dislike videos, you can also share them. All that you loved in YouTube remains here with OGYouTube APK!

OGYouTube Downloader APK = YouTube + So many new features

In OGYoutube you can download YouTube videos in different desired quality like 720p, 360p etc.

Every YouTube user wishes YouTube officially introduces this feature. But as we know they don’t, we are able to definitely depend on OGYouTube downloader due to this task. Download OGYouTube APK and get videos downloaded into your android device memory.

OGYouTube Downloader APK

OGYouTube Downloader APK

You’ve got full command over the download quality. Based upon your requirements and availability, it is possible to download videos from as low as 140p up to 1440p. OGYouTube Downloader can download in almost any desired quality provided it’s provided by YouTube.

Exactly why I don’t really like other YouTube downloader apps for Android is because they rarely ever work. TubeMate was the app everyone trusted, but don’t ever did it help me. External websites like SaveFrom and VideoGrabby will work, but who on the planet want to switch between YouTube and browser window over and over? Take this word of advice from me, rather than begging and praying facing shit YouTube downloader apps for Android, download OGYouTube APK and make everything simple!

Download more then one videos

Yes, you’ve heard it right! OGYouTube supports multiple downloads simultaneously! I don’t think another app supports that, neither does any external website! Still wish to depend on YouTube downloader apps for Android?

The benefit of batch YouTube downloads is that you don’t need to wait for download to finish to start another. You can begin the download simultaneously and let it do the work. OGYouTube Downloader allows you to “set and forget”.

Simply so you realize, OGYouTube APK shows your downloads under the “OG Downloads” section which may be accessed from a main menu.

Download Videos With subtitles

OGYouTube lets you even download the subtitles of the videos you’re watching. Obviously, you will need the subtitles if you can’t catch up the words quickly. I know that you need to be fascinated with the functions of OGYouTube at this point. You’ve had a lots of good reasons to download OGYouTube and much more are yet to come.

Play videos in background

Play videos in background

Play videos in background

It also let you playing your favorite song on YouTube and even play a game simultaneously. OGYouTube downloader APK keeps the videos on in the background when you switch to another task.

Play videos in Popup Window

In OGYouTube video will open videos in popup. It can pop-out your videos for you to enjoy them while doing something simultaneously.

Download YouTube videos in MP3 audio

Download YouTube videos in MP3 audio

Download YouTube videos in MP3 audio

OGYouTube works as YouTube to MP3 APK. It Mean, it is capable to download MP3 from the video directly, without actually required to download the video.So that you don’t have to download any YouTube to MP3 APK with OGYouTube.

Rename the video

OGYouTube app also lets you rename the video before the download. It allows you to pick the correct videos easily from your android device.

How To Install OGYoutube

  • Download OGYouTube from end of this article.
  • You just need to touch the install option of OGYouTube which you’d find from link.
    After selecting the install option you have to wait until OGYouTube is completely installed. It might ask this file may harm your device, just ignore and proceed.
  • Now launch the downloaded app from your app drawer.
  • After downloading OGYouTube. May be it asks for update you can choose the option “later” and use it freely.
    You can now enjoy unlimited video and MP3 download from YouTube anytime and anywhere.

OGYouTube Errors

OGYoutube unable to Install Error

While you’re trying to Install OGYoutube Downloader if it shows any error like application can not be installed,the package already exist, not able to install this application or other errors.It may be solved by using the below techniques.

Ogyoutube Install Error

Ogyoutube Install Error screenshot

Steps to Solve Ogyoutube Install Error

  1. If original Youtube Application is installed on your android phone, then first uninstall it from your phone.
  2. Root your Mobile Before trying to uninstall the original Youtube Application.
  3. Now try again to Install Ogyoutube You’re going to get the issue Solved and application will probably be working fine.

OGYouTube Sign In Error

OGYouTube Sign In Error

OGYouTube Sign In Error screenshot

After Getting application Installed on your phone. Another Common Issue that this people Facing would be the ogyoutube sign in error.

Steps to Solve Ogyoutube Sign In Error

Step 1 : Download and install the bellow apps on your phone. Make sure that you have uninstalled the OGYoutube application before installing this frame works.

Install Google Service Frame Work-GSF
Install Google Account Manager-GAM
Install Google Play Services-GPS

 Step 2 : Now install OGYoutube Application On your Phone and sign in it will continue to work perfectly.

OGYouTube Changelog

Version 2.1 – 31/08/2016

  • Support downloading to the external SDCard (only on Lollipop and newer versions)
  • Added an option to set a speed limit for downloads
  • Added an option to select how many threads for each download
  • Added back the option to auto switch to background playback
  • Added an option to reset the transaction id (on Remove Ads)
  • Fixed the issue that kept the download stopping by itself
  • Fixed some decryption issues
  • Fixed the default screen option
  • Improved the download process
  • Improved some other functions
  • Many bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.0 – 05/05/2016

  • Updated the base to YouTube 11.16.62
  • Fixed Popup issue on Android Marshmallow
  • Fixed the Chromecast issue
  • Fixed some download problems
  • Supported chunk download (Download speed should be 5 times faster now)
  • Now you only need 1 app to fix login fix (thanks to @MaR-V-iN)
  • Many bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.2 – 13/01/2016

  • Android Marshmallow is now supported
  • Fix download issues with some videos
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1 – 22/11/2015

  • Updated to base 10.45.53
  • Improved Download UI
  • Added a new button to go to background
  • Added a new option to go to background mode automatically
  • Fix download issues with some videos
  • Fix default quality problem
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0 – 16/08/2015

  • Support downloading 60FPS
  • Added Download button in Video’s menu (Download w/o opening the video)
  • Ability to Hide Downloads icon
  • Ability to Rename videos before download
  • Last downloaded quality will be selected automatically
  • Fix bugs with merging files
  • Fix default quality problem
  • Fix notifications issues
  • Fix download issues with some videos
  • Login Fix

Version 0.9 (Beta) – 17/04/2015

  • Updated the base to 10.13.54
  • New option to ‘Remove Ads from (Downloads) app’
  • New option to ‘Clear downloads’
  • New Support 60FPS
  • New option to set ‘Default screen’
  • New option to set ‘Default Quality’
  • Added ‘Downloads Setting’ inside YouTube Settings
  • Background Playback is on by default
  • Enable ExoPlayer (Dogfood) options in YouTube Settings
  • Fix MP3 Downloading Problems
  • Other Bug Fixes

Download OGYoutube

Final Words

If you’re not inside a mode to discover the shocking truth rather you want to pay attention to the audio, that can be done using the OGYouTube Application. This application helps make the installing process considerably faster, now you don’t have to hold back for hrs to download an easy pancake recipe video, just install OGYouTube Application in your Android phone or Android tool and allow the fun begin. Hundreds and maybe thousands of video enthusiasts have previously downloaded this excellent application and therefore are taking full benefit of it the time has come that you should bring your video watching experience one stage further. Once you’ll use this handy application, you won’t want to sit down before your laptop or desktop and go to the YouTube site to download or be careful about your favorite videos.

There’s a an entire world of videos that you could watch, download and share free of charge around the YouTube site. Searching for the favorite recipe video or see a Illustrator tutorial or even share your products video using the world by uploading it towards the YouTube site. The options are endless and also the rewards are wonderful.

In this article I Show you how to install OGYoutube and some comman OGYoutube Errors. So download OGYoutube APK and enjoy unlimited video and MP3 download from YouTube anytime and anywhere. But still you are facing any problem to download OGYoutube then feel free to comment bellow.

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