Something About Android History

Android is the most popular mobile operating system nowadays . Android based devices are being sold more than windows and IOS and mac devices. Android History is also interesting. 

In today’s world , companies like Facebook spends billions of

Dollars on applications like Whatsapp and Instagram. Have you ever wonder how much Google have paid for android operating system?

Well, you will say “Too Much!!”

But though, it turns out, it did not.

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Let’s go through the Android History:

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Android’s co-founder Andy Rubin started working on an operating system for Digital Cameras . But then realized that the market for the Digital Cameras was not large that large , so they started putting their efforts on producing Smart Phone Operating System. That same year Rubin had some financial problems , and he started looking for funds or financial partners at big companies like Samsung and Google.

Google took over Android Incorporation in August 2005 in just $50 million, and made Android incorporation an entire owned property of Google Incorporation including main employees of Android Incorporation  Andy Rubin , Rich Miner and Chris White , They stayed at the company after the possession of Google.

Indeed Google was planning to enter the mobile phone market . 

The first available smart phone running Android operating system  was the HTC Dream released on 23 September , 2008 . Which operates  on Android 1.0 and after that android shows 1.1 update which was released from T-mobile G1 only.

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