Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging about Your Startup

Start Blogging!!!  Blogging  has possible been around since the creation of the internet itself. It is used for various different reasons by its owners from a personal journal to a news outlet. But you may be wondering what does this have to do with you and your startup. My answer to that is if you are not blogging or blogging but not blogging about your startup at that, you should start immediately. There are many benefits to be had by doing this. Blogging is not difficult especially since the creation of content management systems such as WordPress and others. All you need is a unique domain and a hosting package, both of which can be had at popular hosting networks such as Godaddy, Bluehost, Network Solutions or HostGator, take your pick. You could choose to blog about your startup’s mission, goals, achievements, products or service. Things you think your customers, potential customers and followers would like to know but what you finally decide to blog is up to you. Once you start blogging and blogging on a regular basis you will release all the benefits to be gained. Start Blogging.


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Start Blogging now Will Increase Exposure to Your Startup

The thing about blogs is that if they are properly optimized and promoted they will be in the eyes of possible millions of people. This form of exposure is priceless; it is exactly what a young company trying to expand its customer base needs. As I stated earlier with the advent of content management systems such as WordPress and others the creation of a blog is quick and effortless. There are million of people scouring the internet on a daily basis in search of interesting and informative blogs about products and services as these are popular mediums that provide reviews and stats. If you create a blog that is a place where persons can get information and reviews about you products and services this form of exposure will possible open up your company to more customers and potential investors.

Blogging Will Improve Customers’ Interaction

By blogging about your company’s mission, goals, products and or services this will make your customer or potential customers more loyal to your company as they will feel as if they are a part of your company and a part of your products or services. They will then express this loyalty by purchasing your products, using your services and showing overall support for your company. Most if not all blogging platforms supports commenting from readers. The ability to comment will foster more interaction from customer and potential customers. They will be able to provide feedback on company decisions, products and service etc. this feedback is good whether it’s negative or positive. You can then act upon this feedback received if you wish and use this feedback to effectively improve and move your company forward.

Blogging can be used as a form of Advertisement

If your blog has developed into something that exposes your company’s product and or services to a large audience of people this can potentially be to your advantage. You can then use the blog as an advertising medium, that is, use the blog to further expose your product, service, deals etc. to your readership. This could eliminate paid advertising option thus saving you some money which could use to do other things with in your company. As getting exposure is very important to attract customers having a blog that’s popular would be good for your company as it could be used as an advertising platform thus serving various purposes.
I am picking my brain trying to find a disadvantage of having a blog and blogging about your startup but I am unable to find any. The only thing I could possibly think could be classed as a negative to you blogging about your startup is if you spend too much time blogging and this affect other aspects of your company. If that time could be spent doing something else you should get someone who has the time to blog for you as it is of utmost importance that you start blogging about your company as I have outlined in some of the benefits above. If you think you have other benefits or thoughts please express these by providing comments.

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