The Best First Class Airline Cabin (Top List of 5)

The Best First Class Airline Cabin. In the earlier times people used to dream of sitting in a plane. It was a big thing to get a chance to travel in one. But, today the times have changed. People today dream of travelling in their own persoalised private jets. Although these jets are only for the filthy rich with crapload of money and even hiring one costs you a bomb, there is a ‘relatively’ cheaper alternative. Its flying ‘First Class‘. First Class cabins are the ones which are the most luxurious, most feature laden and the best seats one can have in a flight. While in these cabins you can be amidst the who’s who of bollywood, hollywood, business and what not. A normal first class ticket should cost you not less than 5 times the economy class tickets. So when you are paying such a huge amount, you expect quality and service at par with 5* and 7* hotels.

The First Class Airline Cabins (Top List of 5)

Here are some commercial airlines whose First Class cabins are one of the best in the industry.


  1. Etihad Airways (1st The Best First Class Airline Cabin)

First Class Airline Cabin 1

This is first and the best first class airline. Nothing on this site is number one for a reason. And here the reasons are many. The first thing I liked is, you actually can sit while the check in process is going on at the counter. Not many flyers will think about this as a great feature, but just look at the attention to detail. Their airport lounges are also a class apart, exclusively for First & Business Class passengers. Now coming to the cabin area. What can I say, the best need to be the best and yes, it is the best. You get real partitions and here, every seat is an aisle seat. You get lie-flat beds for that sweet sleep. You get a big food menu containing appetizers, finger foods , main courses, desserts just like in a fine-dining restaurant. They also have an array of drinks to choose from and after that hectic board meeting or excursion, you can relax with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and control your First Class Suite through as touch screen pad. Apart from this, you get pajamas for wearing through the flight, a mini wardrobe to stash that Armani Suite and a cool amenity kit. So here you can notice 4 more the best First Class Airline Cabin Bellow.

And now for the real big thing. On its big and long distance flights, Etihad has started providing First Class Apartments. How cool is that!!!

  1. Emirates Airlines: (2nd The Best First Class Airline Cabin)

First Class Airline Cabin 2

The second one the best first class airline is again from the Middle East land. Coming in close with Etihad Airways, is Emirates Airlines. They have a huge fleet of Airbus A380s at service and their cabin crew is well trained as well. Coming to the vital stats. Just like Etihad, this airline provides a First Class Suite but with a few differences. The basic interiors are the same but the service and amenities a re different. At the common bar, you will find multiple bottles of Dom Perignon, Jose Cuervo, Remy Martin, Louis XIII etc etc. Their amenity kit contains toiletries from Bvlgari. The suites have motorised partition door closing and blind closing function. The chairs massage you just like an S-class would. You get a complimentary chauffer driven S-class pick-up and drop. You can have a bath in the airlines’ bathroom which comes with bathrobes, towels, again Bvlgari accessories etc. At night they turn on the ceiling LEDs which give you feeling of the night sky. Such a nice touch.  So here you can notice 3 more the best First Class Airline Cabin Bellow.

  1. Singapore Airlines:(3rd The Best First Class Airline Cabin)

First Class Airline Cabin 3

To keep up with the Arabs, its not an easy task. Third the best first class airline And Singapore Airlines can manage it pretty well. In some cases I would even call it better than their Arabian counter-parts. First and fore most is the cabin layout. Its the same like the other two with lie-flat beds, ample legrooms, full length partition with mechanically sliding partition doors etc. But the difference is in here, you get a small seat in front of the main passenger seat on which you can spread your leg, call your associate for that last minute meeting or call your wife/ girlfriend for a romantic dinner in the sky. You get Bose Noise Cancelling headphones, a large food & beverage menu, toiletries from Salvatore Ferragamo and bedding accessories from Givenchy. How freaking cool is that. This is an airline which is a real threat to the Arabs. So here you can notice 2 more the best First Class Airline Cabin Bellow.

  1. Lufthansa(4th The Best First Class Airline Cabin)

First Class Airline Cabin

Fourth the best first class airline. The German megaliner is a pretty old chap in this business. They have two types of First Classes. The one on 747-400 vs A380 and 747-8. The cabin and seating in 747-400 is one of my personal favorites. Save for the old overhead stowage bins, the cabin is clutter free. The cabins are specially designed for people who feel claustrophobic in the first class suites of the other airliners. You get a a recliner chair to sit and watch TV, have a meal, do your work etc. And then if you are tired you can have a sleep in the bed just beside your chair. The cabin crew is well behaved and humble. You have  meal-on demand facility. What else do you need? And yes unlike the other airliners, the seating in this cabin is 1-1 whereas all other have 1-2-1. So here you can notice one more the best First Class Airline Cabin Bellow.

  1. Malaysia Airlines(5th The Best First Class Airline Cabin)

Best First Class Airline Cabin

Last of this list this the best first class airline is  the counter part of Singapore Airlines. The neighbours to Singapore also have airline services which are quite capable of competing with the best in business. As like in Etihad, Emirates and others, Malaysian Airlines also provide a suite with 180° reclining seats and all the bells and whistles of luxury living. They have got funky lighting all over you mini suite. The storage space is good and you get a small seat so that you can welcome another passanger for a meal together. Coming to food & dining you get an in-flight chef who serves the food freshly cooked but the food is said to be awful in taste a few times. I really feel that the service of Malaysian Airlines is pretty good and the two successive air crash events faced by the airline should not discourage its operations. So This all are the best First Class Airline Cabin.

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