Safety tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain

[icegram campaigns=”5070″]Now enjoy tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain! Although riding rains is fun and exhilarating, care must be taken to control the excitement. Yes riding in the rains is as fun as riding on a track, it is equally or rather even more risky. In the biking world, there’s a saying “You ain’t a rider, if you don’t ride in the rains.” Even if you want to be a biker or not, these few tips will help you save your flesh in rains and help you stay safe. riding motorcycle in the rain

Though these are not all the tips, these are the few important ones to be looked at.  So read on.

Tips For Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain

Safety Gear: Best tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain Nothing can save you better in case of a crash than a good helmet and other gear. So the main advice or a tip is to invest in a good quality helmet immediately. Also apart from saving your head in an accident it will help you keep your head and hair dry. And always invest in a full face or a modular/ hybrid helmet rather than a half face one.

riding motorcycle in the rain

Some people say that wearing helmets decrease the hair quality. But hair loss is better than no head at all. Isn’t it?


Tires: Tires are the most important part of your motorcycle as they are the only contact surface between the motorcycle and the road. So extra care must be taken and should be checked regularly. The two important things to be checked are tire pressure and tire treads. The minimum safe and legal tire tread depth is 1.6mm. Also the pressure should be as specified by the motorcycle company of the tire manufacturer. The chart below illustrates the tread limits and checking pattern. most impotent point in this listout riding a motorcycle in the rain.

Tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain safely

The treads can be checked by inserting a coin in between the wall of the tire and the depth measured. Roll the coin to check whether the tire wear is even or not. Don’t forget about this safety tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain.

Tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain safely

During the rains the tires are performing at 50% of their performance and chances of aquaplaning are very high. So it’s important for you to check the tires every alternate day before riding.  

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Acceleration: Accelerator is another aspect which should be given attention to while riding. Always accelerate gradually. And while turning ease off your right hand i.e. the throttle. Accelerating suddenly causes the wheels to spin and you may lose your control and crash. The secret while riding in rains is doing one activity at a time i.e. either accelerate or brake.  


Braking: Most important tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain, While throttling is an aspect braking is also an aspect which should be attended to along with accelerating. Never apply the front brakes only and never apply brakes on a turn. Application of front brakes only causes your front wheel to slip. Slipping of the rear wheel can be controlled but once the front wheel slips, you are done for. Nothing can save you from a crash. The other braking tip is to keep the braking ratio 60:40. 60% rear brake and 40% front brake. This combined braking is more efficient. And if you have a geared motorcycle, always keep the clutch free and pull it only to change gears.  

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Turning: If you are a new rider or a less trained rider or riding a moped/ scooter never lean on a curve. That is because chances of slipping are more. Safety tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain .


Speed: Speed is what you should be giving attention to. Even though you may have disc brakes on your ride, they are not at their best performance and braking distances increase when there is water in the discs. So always keep your speed in controllable limits. In some countries the speed limit in rains is 10-20% less than in normal weather.  Don’t forget this Safety tips for riding a motorcycle in  the rain.


Water puddles:

Tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain safely

Splashing water and speeding through puddles is fun. Everyone loves to splash water, even I do. But what you take as just a shallow puddle may be a deep one or God forbid, an open pit. The water hides such undulations over the road and makes it risky for us two wheeler riders to ride. So to sum it up, drive extremely slowly over such puddles and if possible, try and avoid. By this tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain you can be safe by bike accident.


Visibility:  Due to rain, the visibility decreases and can be called as one of the main reasons for accidents. Wearing bright clothes increases visibility along with complimenting the nice weather around you. 

Tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain safely

If you have reflective clothing locked up in your closet, now is the time to take it out.  


Ease off: Always enjoy the ride sanely. Try not to stiffen up your body while riding during a downpour. A stiff body deteriorates you reaction time. Riding in rains causes you to shiver, so always wear a good quality rain suit and wear warm clothing underneath. Riding should comfortable and enjoyable. Just mind this part of  riding a motorcycle in the rain and be safely.


Slippery Roads: What was earlier a bit slippery is far more slipper now. This happens since the water forms a layer between your tires and the road and hence the grip is lost. So always ride slowly in such roads and avoid leaning.  


Oil Spill: Rains after a long time or the first monsoon rain cause  the oil spilled by vehicles to become slippery. What looks like a nice rainbow like design on the road is probably oil spill mixed with water. And as all know oil is a lubricant and good friction reducer. And we want friction busters inside our engines and not on our tires, do we?

Tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain safely


Motorcycle Position: Last Safety tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain. Try not to ride exactly behind the vehicle in front of you. This is important because if the vehicle in front brakes suddenly, you can swerve your vehicle to a side and avoid a rear ending. The other secret for increased grip is riding exactly behind the path of the wheels of the vehicle in front of you. What it does is partially clear the road surface for a brief amount of time.  

So using this you tips for riding motorcycle in the rain safely.

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