Weak Foundation Cannot Build a Strong Building

Your site is a reflection of you

When we talk about the virtual world, there is no form of identification that your reader has of you. He does not know you personally. It is your site that serves as a reflection of your personality to him. Now think of a scenario where you have to make your introduction to someone. You tend to make sure that you are presentable and manage to leave a good impression on the person. You do not want to commit an act that would give him a wrong idea about you. Same is the case with your site. You do not want your readers to get the impression that the person behind the site cannot be trusted and his words ought not to be taken seriously.

There are two situations in which readers can come to this conclusion. One is that they have detected incorrect pieces of information on your site, which has shaken their trust. The other is that they have found you guilty of plagiarism. If your reader feels that you are not someone who can be trusted to give them the correct information or if they feel that you are guilty of ripping off someone else’s work and are presenting it as your own, they would be quick to drop you like a hot potato.

A close check is necessary

When you form the content of your site, you have to ensure that it is well-researched, is of profound quality, and is authentic and original. These are important components of a website content which serve to attract traffic. Sometimes a person falls prey to plagiarism accidentally when he does not realize that the words he is forming is not from his own minds but have instead been read off from somewhere.

In order to ensure that this does not happen to you, you need to keep a close check on your content and make it certain that everything that you have featured in your content is original and if it has been taken from somewhere else, proper credit is given. This can be done via making use of the online plagiarism checker tool. With the help of this tool, you can ensure that none of the content on your site is plagiarized.

A little error is all that it would take

The online world is a tough field. There is little room for error. A small mistake is all that it would take to drive away the potential traffic. Therefore, make use of this tool to make it certain that you have not committed an error unconsciously that can cost you your reputation because in the online world, reputation is everything. If a reader once leaves you, it would be very difficult to get him back. Therefore, make sure that your site has not made any such errors. This tool can be of great help in this regard, enabling you to keep an eye on the content of your site.

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