Whatsapp Plus APK Download Latest Version {Android & iPhone}

Download Whatsapp plus apk here, this article is all about “whatsapp plus”. In this post you’re going to get complete tips on how to install WhatsApp Plus, the amazing features you’ll enjoy once you download whatsapp plus in your mobile phone.  This article will provide you all the information you need to have before you install the WhatsApp plus for free on your mobile phone.  Whatsapp plus is know as “whatsapp+ or whatsapp blue“. Whatsapp plus is the modded version of whatsapp.

There are plenty of hidden features accessible in official WhatsApp application. But to turn on those features you need to do editing in shared pref folder within your WhatsApp application root directory. And those changes a non-technical person can’t do.

Many codes to modify every option in official app instead you can use modified app. In Whatsapp plus all those feature already enable, this mean you don’t need to do anything. 

What Exactly Is Whatsapp Plus About?

WhatsApp Plus is a moded application but it is quite similar to the official version of WhatsApp, with similar features and ease, users can pretty well do everything they will do on WhatsApp. It is not just only a modified version of the official app but is also a creative and improved one allowing users all of the extra features the original application offers. For example the, you can hide online status, hide your last seen, reading messages without letting the blue tick, even you get use whatsapp plus themes with different colors and designs, and many more features are there.

Whenever you download Whatsapp Plus APK you can actually take advantage of the coolest features that a lot of users have been enjoying for more than 2 years now. This modified app version provides a cool new anti-ban feature which means your phone account will never be blocked by the official whatsapp, since it won’t be able to detect it on your phone.

Dwnload WhatsApp Plus APK and get a newer and much more advanced version of Whatsapp that doesn’t update itself each month without warning. WhatsApp Plus is more different and well known for it’s excellent features that facilitate and work well with the present ecosystem, and has made it work even better than it was before.

Lots of people need to know where they are able to get hold of the install button for Whatsapp Plus and whether it’s simpler to switch from Whatsapp to WhatsApp Plus with only a click. Using the WhatsApp Plus APK, users can pretty easily transfer their data from your official WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus within no time.

Whatsapp Plus APK Features

  • WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp , created by the Spanish developer Rafalete in 2012. The app itself is free, but the user license is the same as WhatsApp. It’s also known as WhatsApp+ and WhatsApp Plus Holo, and has a WhatsApp  blue icon while WhatsApp that are used to has a green icon.
whatsapp blue

whatsapp blue

  • The most known feature of WhatsApp Plus is its new styles or visual themes, you can change completely look of WhatsApp.
  • The customized version was developed to change the look of WhatsApp. So, in case you’re bored of the only one theme you get by default within the official app, it’s simple to change the look by downloading whatsapp plus themes from the built-in theme viewer & downloader in WhatsApp Plus for free.
Download Whatsapp plus themes

Whatsapp plus themes

  • You will find over 700 themes available and you can sort them by name, version or date. The latest themes not only modify the background of your chat but also the bottom of your contact list, colors of the bar along with of texts. This really is clearly not the case using the official WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Plus apk

WhatsApp Plus emojis

  • WhatsApp Plus has additionally new emoticons incorporating smileys from Google HangOuts. There’s, unfortunately, these emoticons are only able to be seen by other people who have also installed WhatsApp Plus APK. In case you send an unofficial smileys to anyone who uses the classic WhatsApp, all they’ll see is a question mark.
Hide online status on whatsapp plus

Hide online status

  • The WhatsApp that a majority of people are once suffered from the feature of hiding one’s profile picture, status and last seen but in case of WhatsApp plus anyone can even hide to show weather they’re online or not.
whatsapp plus apk

size limit of sent files

  • In the official application, high quality images are reduced in low quality and size. But  using this modified version, you are able to modify the size limit of sent files from 2 to maximum 50 MB. In the official version you can only share 16 MB because there is media sharing limit is set as default.
  • You will find there options where you can maintain the size along with quality of images & videos when sharing. Thus, with the whatsapp plus, you are able to increase upload media limit to share large music files or videos without losing clarity. This is definitely an extremely useful addition that you simply can’t avail in the official application.
WhatsApp Plus download

WhatsApp Plus icon colors

  • As well as the skins menu, WhatsApp Plus has no fewer than 6 menus for editing appearance and settings including, colors and size of chat images, header, header and size of contacts’ image, disabling of functions (voice notes, animations), appearance and size of pop-up notifications, size and colors of widgets ,color of launcher icon.

Whatsapp plus features summery

  1. Serves exactly the same user interface because the official WhatsApp Messenger for everyone.
  2. Compatible with all kinds of latest Android tablets and smartphones.
  3. Rather than green icon, with WhatsApp Plus APK you’ll see a Blue icon user can change the icon’s colour easily
  4. With WhatsApp Plus you are able to send video of upto 50 MB in size
  5. User can also send more than 10 photos each time with WhatsApp Plus Messenger
  6. User can adjust notification sound, colour of theme, background image and much more
  7. Send the original quality images and videos within this app
  8. Install additional WhatsApp Plus Themes to your device to makeover the app again and again
  9. User can also add more lengthy WhatsApp status to use it more effectively
  10. See status of your friends while chatting with him from the same screen
  11. Customize many other more things within the app easily


Q1. Is WhatsApp plus APK legal?

In 2012, WhatsApp plus was available on Play Store. But by official WhatsApp give DMCA to whatsapp plus so, it taken down from Play Store, it was removed. Though WhatsApp plus is still available for download, there is no clear view of whether if it’s legal or not. 

Q2. Is Whatsapp Plus is safe to Use?

The internal structure of WhatsApp plus and WhatsApp are same. Therefore it safe to assume that WhatsApp plus is secure. 

Q3. Is Whatsapp Plus APK is better then official Whatsapp?

Yes, you can use whatsapp plus more flexibly. You can customize background colours, choose themes and even other features hiding online status, lengthy status etc makes whatsapp plus better then whatsapp official app. May be this features whatsapp will not announce in upcoming years.

Q4. Whatsapp Plus is available for Windows and Mac?

Yes, you can use whatsapp for pc or laptop by using BlueStacks.

Q5. Any programming sills needed for installation of app?

No, you just have to follow some step from bellow and get start enjoying whatsapp plus.

Q6. Whatsapp plus will compatible with Root or Non-root android device?

Both, You can use it with rooted and also with non-rooted android device. There are 2 different APK are available in the end of the article. 

Q7. Can use dual whatsapp at a time? (whatsapp and whatsapp plus at a time)

No, If you wish to use multiple whatsapp at time then you can use OgWhatsapp or GBWhatsapp.

How to install WhatsApp Plus In android

Step 1: Make backup of your WhatsApp conversation, and then uninstall official WhatsApp.
Step 2: Download WhatsApp plus apk from end of the article and install it just like you normally install WhatsApp. And that’s it.

Note : While installing app you might get unknown source warning. So, Go to settings and check unknown sources. Turn on the option. By this setting your android device allow the installation of app by unknown source. The unknown source other then play store or white-listed apps.


Whatsapp Plus for iPhone

Requirement to get whatsapp plus in iPhone :

  1. JB is most well-known word in your community of Cydia as well as for individuals who’ve iPhone or iPad. You have to unlock your iPhone or iPad to be able to install WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone or iPad. For your PanGu iOS 10.1 jailbreak is must.
  2. Cydia installer iOS 10.1 can also be needed because with no installer or AppSync how does one put it in your device? So, use Cydia Take away with PanGu jailbreak.
  3. Cydia Sources are important to get Whatsapp Plus free of charge. Whatsapp tweak is located on various repos, you’ll need one free form of working messenger application hack.

WhatsApp Plus Features for iPhone

  • I agreed that Whatsapp iOS 10.1 has all of the necessary features and awesome UI too. However, Whatsapp Plus brings group of additional features towards the application. You are able to change background color, wallpaper, size the font and much more.

whartsapp plus for iphone, ipod

  • Using Whatsapp Plus, you are able to send limitless quantity of files and it is and not the limit however you can transfer big size files too. With this particular option, you are able to send Zip, PDF and lots of great attachments with this particular Cydia tweak.
  • Stealth Mode: You might have learned about Whatsapp Plus Stealth Mode. Yeah, you are able to hide yourself and could like Stealth that people that you shouldn’t answer.
WhatsAPP Plus Stealth Mode

WhatsAPP Plus Stealth Mode

  • In connection with this, Disable Read Receipts is another awesome feature that will disable read icon and notification for individuals users who follow yourself on the messaging platform.
  • If you would like you are able to disable Delivery Receipts too with Read Receipts to create your identity hidden and stealth.
  • Music Discussing, Voice Discussing and Video Discussing becomes very convenient and easy with Whatsapp Plus for iPhone, Android and iPad using various tweaks on Cydia Application Store and Google Play Store.
  • There are lots of hidden features obtainable in WhatsappPlus like Cloning feature that clones Whatsapp account and double account on a single device. This means, you should use two Whatsapp account number on a single device.
  • Whatsapp Plus iOS 10.1 provided with couple of more updates so that you can download the very best group of features from Cydia.

How to Install Whatsapp Plus in iPhone

  • Step 1 : How you can Install Whatsapp Plus for iPhone, iPad Small, ipod device, iPad Pro and iPad Air
  • Step 2 : First you have to download Whatsapp Plus from Cydia.
  • Step 3 : After installation open the Whatsapp application.
  • Step 4 : Go to Settings and you’ll begin to see the Whatsapp Plus Settings option at the very top.
  • Step 5 : You can now configure the additional choices on your iPhone.

Mark what exactly: When the Whatsapp Plus for iPhone installation part is completed you need to simply result in the application functional through application drawer. Its not necessary to choose extra registration for Whatsapp Plus upon being registered with Whatsapp available over your device.

Download Whatsapp Plus APK :-


WhatsApp Plus is suggested for individuals who wish to customized the feel of WhatsApp. and if you want more customisation options then download wa tweaks. If you’d like additional control over notifications and delivering images/videos, it’s a perfect alternative for that original messaging application. So download whatsapp plus apk latest version and enjoy new designed and customized whatsapp plus. But still you have any query or need help to get whatsapp plus apk feel free to comment bellow. 

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