World’s First self cleaning Car Nissan Note

Nissan launched the concept of a self-cleaning car.  There are so many problems of keeping the car clean every day and it is quite time-consuming. But nowadays if you have a Nissan self-cleaning car then forget the worries to keep your car clean.

nissan note

The Nissan Note is the first car which has trial paint which could make car wash itself. Nissan has tested an innovative paint technology or these paint methods which repels mud, rain daily dirt, which means you may never need to clean your car again. Scientists did the test on the car and developed ‘super-hydrophobic‘ and ‘oleo-phobic‘ paint for this car, which repels water and oils.

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This technology is applied to all new Nissan Note. This Nissan car is best suited for the term ‘wash and blow dry‘. Geraldine Ingham the chief marketing manager said that:-

Nissan’s engineers are constantly thinking of new ways to make families lives easier.

This work produces 8,500 employees in Britain. This car will take around 3 years to launch in market because its cost of paint is not fixed and many tests are remaining to be done on it. But Nissan is trying to set the vision into reality. This japanese company is doing very hard work for this car.

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